Is Public Speaking Useful for Tech Professionals?

public speaking for tech professionals

Public speaking is useful for tech professionals, just like it is for other professions. What makes it especially helpful in this area is its ability to deliver information in an understandable way, as tech involves complex knowledge bases. It also helps establish some network and management skills that go a long way in career building.

Before we consider why it is helpful for tech professionals, let’s consider the broad use of public speaking that’s applicable in all areas.

Why is public speaking essential?

public speaking helps socializing
  1. It allows you to network. This, in turn, adds to your professional resource, which can be brought out in times of need. 
  2. Easier socialization in groups. Speaking up when there are too many people can be difficult because many of us tend to be anxious about what that many people might make of what we’re saying. With public speaking, it’s easier to be confident and get your thoughts across clearly. Check here for some strategies on how to overcome the anxiety of public speaking.
  3. Taking the lead to ensure things go smoothly also works out with public speaking. Many of us know what might help a group to achieve its targets, but very few have the ability to speak up and get things done.
  4. Expressing ideas is also easier in general.

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How it benefits tech professionals

facilitates clearer understanding

Facilitate clearer understanding

As a tech professional, you probably know your stuff, whether it is coding, social media, or anything else. However, others may not have the same knowledge base as you. As a result, when you explain things to them based on your understanding, they may fail to understand. Public speaking allows you to explain things constructively and aimed at the audience’s knowledge level such that what is spoken is understood and sufficiently engaging. Essentially, depending on your audience, you need to know how to simplify information and present it. This is also useful when you’re trying to promote a product to consumers.

For example, imagine explaining a complex code to a layman in contrast to explaining the main idea behind it (reductionist explanation). What would be better understood?

Management/Supervision skills

Just like other companies, tech professionals also need managers. There is a lack of public speakers in the tech community. Public speaking will allow them to communicate organizational needs better and convey how to do things to the community. As a result, people will work more effectively. 

For example, a supervisor who is able to clearly communicate what is expected along with how it is to be done would elicit better performance than someone who is vague and explains things ineffectively, like a boring presentation filled with unnecessary content that deters focus from the main ideas.


Networking is going to be important wherever we go. It allows you to build your brand and obtain opportunities. In the long run, there is growth in your career and greater visibility. It can help you land your dream job.

For example, when you speak up at an event and make a good impression, people remember you and are more likely to hear you out in the future. If you had not spoken up, you’d just be a random person in the masses.

Public speaking will help you emerge as a leader in your profession while uniting all like-minded people. Why? Because when left unspoken, we don’t know what others think and, henceforth, have no reason to unite.

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Next, we will consider some common questions in relation to this topic.

How does public speaking help professionally?

It can help in terms of career advancement, building leadership skills, making social connections, etc. Check out this article to know more.

How to start with public speaking?

There are many routes to the same outcome- being a better speaker. The most important thing is practice, so getting out of your comfort zone and speaking, however messy, will be the start of it. It’s not easy for many of us to just go out and do this, so do check out this article to learn about unique ways to do so.

You can also check out some exercises that can help you:

What other professions require good public speaking skills?

Many professions require public speaking, some even go for it as a career. A few professions requiring it are:

  1. Teacher/Professor
  2. Lawyer
  3. Manager/Company executives
  4. Politician
  5. Social Worker/Advocates

Public speaking is also incredibly beneficial for students and office workers.


public speaking usefulness

We have considered the importance of public speaking, both in general and specifically pertaining to tech professionals. The second half of the article addresses other questions related to the topic.

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