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Hi, I’m Hrideep, the founder of Frantically Speaking

Yes, I LOVE dogs. Also, if you’re wondering why is there a picture of me holding a bad-ass pug, that’s cause all my pictures on stage where I am actually speaking in public, are simply TERRIBLE.

But I digress…

Speaking on stage (or communication in general) did not come naturally to me. I would hate knowing that I had to put myself out there in front of people. College presentations, family gatherings, business presentations – regardless of what the situation was, I would dread it. I knew I would have to fix this somewhere. Upskilling communication skills and my ability to speak would be beneficial to me no matter what career or path I end up on (I honestly do not possess any cool talents anyway. So this was more a NEED than a WANT).

So, with a deep sigh, I went for it…

After a bunch of reading, online courses, offline classes, Toastmaster meetings and TONS of embarrassing moments, things have changed. Have I transformed myself into this AMAZING public speaker? No. But I have come to the conclusion that communication and public speaking skills, just like most other skills, are learnable.

And that’s the purpose of this website, to showcase the lessons that I have learned (and still learning) from my stage experiences and mentors over all these years. Hopefully, at least one of these articles will help save you from some (ok, MANY) embarrassing stage moments like I had to face!

A few of my modest accomplishments

  • Successfully completing the public speaking course at the Indo-American Society.
  • Winning gold in the Toastmasters Evaluation contest and bronze in the Division round
  • Multiple ‘Best Speaker’ awards at Toastmasters while mentoring several newcomers
  • Co-founding SoBo Toastmasters. An initiative that genuinely added value to people living in South Mumbai who wanted a platform to practice their communication close to their home. Here is us at our very first meeting back in 2018 (excuse the poor image quality).

If you have any questions on public speaking or communication, I would love to help out! You can email at hrideep@franticallyspeaking.com or connect with me on LinkedIn.

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Public Speaking & Presentation
English Fluency
Interview and Group Discussions
Interpersonal Communication
Negotiating like a pro
Workspace Communication
Speaking on video
Persuasion Skills

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Read the advice we gave them for success

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