92% Of The World Fears Public Speaking. You Can Learn It In Just 12 Weeks.

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What our past students have to say:

We’ve Helped all types of professionals advance in their career

Himanshu Khurana

Technical Manager

“The Frantically Speaking course helped me better my public speaking and communication in a matter of weeks. The curriculum is practical and teaches you to express your thoughts clearly and confidently. If you want to speak up, this training has got you covered!”

Nitin Gupta

Data Engineer

“After the training ended, the poise and confidence I communicate with during meetings and conversations has spiked! The training helped me understand practical techniques which I can apply in my every day life and if you work in any technical field, I highly recommend this course.”

Pauline Petschelt

Creative Lead

“His practical advice, transformative courses (I took both), and unwavering support make him an outstanding mentor and coach. Working with Hrideep will undoubtedly lead to significant improvements in your communication skills and overall confidence.”

Get Communication Coaching From the Experts

Our coaches hold expertise in all areas of communication. You may need help with one or all of them. Book a call with us so we can diagnose the challenge & come up with the right plan for you.

What we can help with (One or a mix of them all!):

Helped 7000+ People

We’ve helped train individuals from top companies & universities at becoming effective communicators

Helped 7000+ People

We’ve helped train individuals from top companies & universities at becoming effective communicators

About Our Communications Training

We’ve helped all types of professionals advance in their careers. Now it’s time to help you.

Start your journey today.

Schedule a free coaching session with our coach

Pick a date and time of your choice

During the session, brief our coach on your problem

A candid conversation to understand your challenges and pain points.

Get a tailor made package and start your journey

Join 1000+ people in becoming a communicator people will remember

Why choose the “Frantically” Public Speaking Training?

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Coaching Curriculum Designed by

Bhomick Sen

TedX Speaker
NLP Certified Coach
Best Selling Author

Satish Torani

Public Speaking Influencer
100k+ Followers on Instagram
Multi-Award Winning Speaker

Rick Sarkar

Public Speaking Coach
Voice Modulation Specialist
Degree in Mass Communications


Trained 100+ Professionals
Ex-Instructor at Queen's English
1:1 Coaching Expert

Hrideep Barot

Delivered 450+ speeches
Co-Founder of SoBo Toastmasters
Degree in Mass Communications

Jyoti Yadav

TESOL Certified
Fluency and Accuracy Coach
Voice and Accent Specialist

Coaching Curriculum Designed by

What does our public speaking coaching

At Frantically Speaking we always put our customers needs ensuring they get
personalized tangible benefits.

Dramatically Reduce Stage Fright and Fear

Learn the tips and coping mechanisms used by experts to manage your stage fear so you can perform even under high-stress situations.

Identify and enhance communication strengths

Understand and strengthen what you’re already good at while mending the weak spots of your communication game.

Learn how to persuade and entertain audiences

No matter who or where you’re speaking, you’re either educating, selling or entertaining. Learn how to ace all 3 styles.

Post Coaching Assistance

For 6 months after the program, you can continue to reach out to the coach for any practice or communication help you need.

Practice on a LIVE audience

Practice speeches in front of a supportive audience, gain feedback and speed up your journey to become an impactful speaker!

1-on-1 hand-holding

Coaches will personally work with you on certain pain points to combine the benefit of group training with the personal touch of 1-on-1 sessions!

How does our coaching work?


Learn the critical components of public speech & communications


Practice those teachings on a LIVE audience


Receive immediate feedback from expert coaches


Work 1:1 with our coach to improve upon pain points

How this training will help improve my public speaking skills?

Is the “Frantically” Public Speaking Coaching for you?

If you’re looking for a no BS path to get you speaking results in 4 weeks, you’re in the right place.

We have trained:

Remember, public speaking training is not just for speaking to a room full of people. It helps in EVERY aspect of your life such as:

The Frantically Speaking Blog

Our series of articles and indepth resources, dedicated to help students, entrepreneurs and working professionals become effective communicators.

resonate with the audience

What does it mean to Resonate with the Audience- Agreement, Acceptance, Approval

In our everyday interactions, there’s a special thing called “resonate with the audience”. It’s like when two people are on the same wavelength, agreeing and understanding each other. This resonance creates a profound connection that transcends mere agreement, acceptance, or approval—it’s a resonance of the soul, where two hearts beat in rhythm. Join us as

High-Stakes Presentations: Strategies for Engaging and Influencing Senior Leaders (Executive presentations tips)

High-Stakes Presentations: Strategies for Engaging and Influencing Senior Leaders

Presenting to senior leaders is not just another task on your to-do list—it’s an opportunity to make a lasting impact on your organization. These high-stakes presentations can open doors, build relationships, and drive change. In the fast-paced world of business, effective communication is more crucial than ever. That’s where Executive presentations tips come into play.

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