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5 Powerful (Yet Easy) Ways To Own The Room!

How do you own a room? Not by buying it of course! Engaging the audience and holding their attention through every twist and turn of your speech may be difficult but not impossible. Audience engagement and “owning the room” is a way we take our speech to the next level by making sure the audience

a solo microphone against a blurred backdrop

9 Deadly Practical Techniques to Calm Your Fear of Public Speaking

Calm down, take a deep breath. Be confident. It’s not the end of the world. We have all heard one of these statements before stepping on a stage. They’re all well-intended, but honestly, they don’t do anything to help calm your fear. And we all know the fact that no one in the history of

how to give a TED style talk

5 of the Most Worthwhile Ways To Prepare For A TED-Style Talk

If you are here, congratulations! Because we know something has been cooking in your mind; or to put it in the words of TED, we know you have “Ideas worth sharing”.  Most TEDx speakers hold no degree in public speaking and not many of them have a history in giving life-changing talks. But like you,

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