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win a speech contest

A Blueprint to Win a Speech Contest: Good-Better-Best

Welcome, everyone! Today, we’re going to explore the exciting world of speech contests and how to craft a speech that helps you win a speech contest. Just like building a house, creating a great speech requires a solid foundation, some skillful craftsmanship, and a few finishing touches. Whether you’re speaking to a group of friends,

hybrid meeting

8 Strategies for Productive Hybrid Meetings: Best of Both Worlds

Alright, let’s kick things off by talking about hybrid meetings. You know, those gatherings where some folks are in the room while others join in from their desks or maybe even their pajamas at home. They’re kind of like a mix between traditional face-to-face meetings and those virtual ones we’ve all gotten used to. But

how to give a TED style talk

5 of the Most Worthwhile Ways To Prepare For A TED-Style Talk

If you are here, congratulations! Because we know something has been cooking in your mind; or to put it in the words of TED, we know you have “Ideas worth sharing”.  Most TEDx speakers hold no degree in public speaking and not many of them have a history in giving life-changing talks. But like you,

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