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How Long should a Speech be?

Speeches are of different kinds, consequently, their lengths differ as well. For instance, 1 – 2 minutes for an impromptu speech, while giving a toast at a birthday party or a wedding. On the other hand, speeches in TED talks usually make people lose interest if they go beyond 15 – 18 minutes. And speeches

Communication vs Information: What’s the Difference?

The words “Communication” and “Information” are often used in a way that they might correspond to each other. However, they are completely disparate, in both the literal way and in their application. To describe communication vs information, the former is a reciprocal process. It takes place when two or more people establish a dialogue between

how to give a TED style talk

5 of the Most Worthwhile Ways To Prepare For A TED-Style Talk

If you are here, congratulations! Because we know something has been cooking in your mind; or to put it in the words of TED, we know you have “Ideas worth sharing”.  Most TEDx speakers hold no degree in public speaking and not many of them have a history in giving life-changing talks. But like you,

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