7 Ways Public Speaking Will Help You in the Future

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Strengthening communication skills is beneficial in practically every aspect of life. Public speaking is a fantastic opportunity to develop yourself on many levels in this regard. For professionals in a variety of disciplines, such as law, banking and finance, counselling, education, public relations, politics, and sales, the ability to speak clearly, successfully explain and influence others, and drive people to action, is an absolute necessity. Professionals who aspire to be leaders should have these skills, as leadership is about having the power to affect others. So in a short answer, yes, without a doubt public speaking will help you in the future.

What is Public Speaking?

A presentation or speech given in front of a live audience is known as public speaking. A speech can be a career-defining experience. It is typically a formal or organised occasion. Many people believe that public speaking only occurs in formal settings where a speaker is in front of a sizable audience. However, a public speech’s style can differ significantly depending on the speaker’s objectives, the audience’s composition and size, and the setting in which the speech is given. The same abilities are required when one person is in charge of effectively communicating a message to a group, whether speaking in front of a big audience in a formal setting or in a more private setting with a small audience. When a message is crucial, speakers need to possess abilities to increase the likelihood that the message won’t be misconstrued.

7 Ways Public Speaking Will Help You in the Future

In Professional LifeAs a Student
1.Career AdvancementTo succeed in college
2.Building leadership skillsTo get hired
3.Make new social connectionsImproves your Listening Skills
4.Improves Your Research SkillsTeaches you How to Argue
5.Markets Your BusinessTo increase self-confidence
6.No fear of speakingDevelop your vocabulary
7.Critical thinking skillsImproves Social skills

In Professional Life

Career Advancement

Effective public speaking abilities can aid in advancing your career. They demonstrate traits that employers highly value, such as creativity, critical thinking abilities, leadership, poise, and professionalism. It’s beneficial to speak at gatherings and conferences to establish credibility. The better the event, the more speaking opportunities you’ll have to add to your résumé. Additionally, public speaking might assist you in standing out at work. You’ll learn to portray yourself as a professional, stand out in meetings, and push your ideas.

Speaking abilities might also make you stand out during employment interviews. You will feel more at ease in interviews, and be stronger while persuading people to side with you.

Building leadership skills

Communication, or speaking in front of an audience is “the language of leadership,” according to writer Humes. He contends that every time someone is required to speak, whether in a hall, a conference room, or at their desk, they are auditioning for leadership.

It is easy to see how public speaking will help you in the future when you look at it from the point of leadership. You’ll be able to express your thoughts with ease once you’ve improved significantly at public speaking. You’ll also start speaking up for other people. Public speaking helps you to influence opinions by getting in front of people and communicating in a compelling manner.

You will develop one of the key facets of leadership if you become an expert at persuasion and changing minds. You will be capable of doing it in a more individualised environment if you can do it in front of a crowd of people in public. Public speaking abilities are essential for developing the ability that leaders need to create change.

Make new social connections

Another benefit of speaking in public is the opportunity to meet people. Speaking in front of an audience is a terrific method to connect with people in your field.

If you’re the one giving the speech, attendees will want to speak to you. They’ll additionally be more likely to recall you as one of the presenters when the event is ended. Provide contact information on pamphlets or slides so that audience members can reach you at a later time. Encourage audience members to visit your website if it contains further information.

Another advantage of public speaking is that everybody wants to chat with you after you speak at a gathering. This is an excellent chance to cultivate professional relationships and generate revenue. You will definitely encounter other presenters in your industry when you give presentations in more public venues like conferences and work events, as well as members of the audience who are eager to hear what you have to say.

Improves Your Research Skills

You must conduct an in-depth study on your subject in order to deliver a captivating public presentation. You’ll discover where to look for the data you require for each speech and how to determine whether the data is reliable and pertinent.  Your professional and personal duties will benefit from your strong research abilities, including drafting business reports, academic research, job searching, marketing, and others. Additionally, making better decisions can be aided by having access to more accurate information. Thus, public speaking will help you in the future if you stumble across any research related work.

Markets Your Business

If you are a business owner, you can promote your brand by speaking in public. Speaking in front of an audience can increase your marketability as a professional, even if you don’t run a business. You should centre your speech topics on issues that concern your intended audience. When you’re preparing your speech, pay close attention to details that can be of interest to employers or consumers. Make sure at least a few potential customers or employers are in the crowd for your speech.

As you provide more presentations on the same subjects, you’ll establish yourself as an expert, which boosts your marketability. Your reputation can increase with just one effective speech posted on a website like TEDTalk.

No fear of speaking

You’re likely to be terrified of public speaking if you don’t frequently deliver speeches or presentations. Your fear will lessen as you gain more knowledge about speaking in public and practise your speaking abilities. It will be easier for you to deliver speeches. Additionally, your audience will notice that you are more at ease and see your speech positively, likely providing you with good feedback that will help you overcome your fear of speaking in public.

If you’re asked to speak quickly and on-demand during a big event, you won’t be afraid of the crowd. You’ll find that, instead, you’re eagerly embracing the opportunity for an impromptu speech. This benefit of public speaking means you will no longer be concerned about being asked to speak at events.

Impromptu Speaking

Critical thinking skills

Critical thinking abilities can be developed through public speaking. From the analysis of the audience analysis to the final statement, everything must be carefully considered while writing a speech. Do you believe it is preferable to mindlessly accept everything everyone tells us or to critically analyse messages and distinguish between fact and opinion? The capacity to make and defend one’s own conclusions rather than accepting or rejecting what you hear or read is a skill that students who study public speaking acquire. Learning how to tailor one’s message to their audience, arranging persuasive messaging, and listening strategies all help speakers develop their critical thinking skills.

As a Student

To succeed in college

Public speaking courses frequently address themes like listening, critical thinking, drafting outlines, and efficiently organising ideas and information—all of which are crucial abilities for success in college. Since public speaking is an essential component of both college and workplace obligations, public speaking proficiency is essential to students’ success both inside and outside of the classroom.

You will be better prepared for other courses if you can write and organise formal documents on paper, and then deliver those words orally by speaking clearly. In many college courses across a wide range of fields, you will be required to prepare and perform oral presentations. Your scores in those classes will improve if you can do this task effectively.

To get Hired

Finding a suitable job that will launch a great career is the next challenging life endeavour after earning your college degree. Employers prefer to collaborate with and hire effective communicators. In fact, they frequently state that effective communication abilities, such as public speaking and presenting skills, are the most crucial and sought-after traits a job prospect may have. You are guaranteed to excel in your presentations if you participated actively in the extempore competitions held by your college.

Improves your Listening Skills

When you speak at conferences, you also must listen to other presenters. There will be a number of speeches you can choose from, delivered by speakers who may not be very similar to you but who will cover a wide range of issues. Your capacity to actively listen and take notes will increase as a result. As a speaker yourself, you will gain a deeper respect and comprehension of other speakers’ subjects and techniques as you listen to them.

Better listening abilities help us respond to people more effectively, take advantage of possibilities for ourselves, and, most importantly, safeguard ourselves from being taken advantage of by others. Thus, listening to and giving more public speaking will help you in the future by not only improving the way you speak but also the ways in which you listen.

Teaches you How to Argue

You frequently need to provide a thoughtful argument when you present. Your case needs to be strengthened by solid research, logical reasoning, and common sense. When you practise public speaking, all these abilities come naturally to you. Additionally, it aids in expanding your vocabulary, which is crucial for any conversation or interview. When you talk, your audience might ask you some questions, especially if they disagree with what you have said. With this practice, you are completely aware of how to respond to them.

To increase self-confidence

Chances are, if you’ve ever spoken in front of an audience, you’ve experienced “stage fright,” a common and complicated emotion involving anxiety, worry, and tension. However, studies show that you will feel less anxiety if you learn and practise public speaking. Your oral communication abilities will advance if you continue to give presentations. You’ll start to feel more at ease and assured in your capacity to communicate properly as your abilities advance.

Develop your vocabulary

Speaking in front of an audience might improve your vocabulary development. It even improves verbal fluency. These two facets developed by public speaking will help you in the future. You’ll be aware of the impact of the language you use to convey your message and understand that they must vary depending on the audience. You’ll not only have a broad vocabulary but also stop using filler words like “um” or “uhh”, which are frequently used in ordinary speech and might be a sign of uncertainty or nervousness.

Improves Social skills

By improving social skills, public speaking can help you in the future. It can make you feel more at ease in a variety of scenarios where you have to engage and speak with people. Public speaking enhances your social abilities, whether you’re giving a speech or just chatting with someone. You must convey ideas to others in order to interact with others in personal relationships, social settings, and professional settings.

The main goal of public speaking is to express ideas. You could learn to respectfully engage an opposing viewpoint, to arrange and cohere your arguments, and justify your opinions in front of others.

How to get Better at Public Speaking

Maintain Calm Body Language

Your body language will suffer if you feel tense due to a fear of speaking in public. The most effective public speakers keep a straight posture, look the audience in the eye, and behave in ways that appear natural.

Effective body language enhances performance and makes it easier for the audience to understand and recall what you say. Do not cross your arms or keep your hands inside your pockets. Instead, start with your hands by your sides and convey your points with deliberate hand gestures.

Understand Your Crowd

Spend some time getting to know your audience before you do a presentation so you can adjust your speech accordingly. Consider what matters to people and what they’re likely to find most beneficial. Your strategy will also change depending on what kind of event you’ll be speaking at. For instance, a formal gala could call for a different kind of speech than a bunch of your classmates in a school environment.

Start Practising

Simply practising is one of the finest methods to hone your public speaking abilities. You may refine your messaging and uncover more effective ways to express specific aspects of your presentation through repetition. After practising your speech several times, you will unavoidably feel more at ease delivering it to a live crowd.

Enrol in a public speaking course

Students who enrol in public speaking courses develop vital abilities that significantly enhance their capacity to talk and deliver in front of audiences. As kids learn from professionals and depend on their colleagues for help, they also develop confidence. You can communicate with other students experiencing the same issue if you are afraid of speaking in front of groups of people. Consider enrolling in an online public speaking class if you want to get better at presenting presentations online. An in-person course might be your best bet if you want to master the art of speaking in front of an audience. Student clubs may also be able to assist you in honing your public speaking abilities.

Be genuine.

It may be appealing to try to seem like a confident public speaker you look up to, like Obama. However, this probably won’t be of much help. Everybody is different, and even though you cannot be anyone else, you are wonderful just as you are. Accept your uniqueness and let them come through in your speaking. We never know how often people in the crowd will connect with you.

Obama public speaking

If you are concerned regarding the quality of your public speaking abilities, and whether you can ever improve on them, we have you covered. Read this article to find out how to improve your public speaking skills.


In conclusion, these benefits are strong arguments for why people of all ages should develop good public speaking skills in order to succeed in the future, whether it be in school, the workplace, or other spheres of life. There are several reasons why you should make an investment in expanding, enhancing, and sharpening your public speaking abilities. Learn more about getting better at public speaking through our website, and you would master it in no time.

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