10 Ways to Instantly Make Friends at Your New Job!

Friends at work

New at your job? Making friends at a new place can be a great experience and we’ll delve into how you can instantly do so at work. This would include making introductions, giving compliments, helping, following up, and so on. 

We will first briefly discuss why you should make friends at work in the first place. Then we will discuss ways to instantly make friends at work. We’ll also cover related questions around the topic.

Why make friends at work?

Making friends at work will lead to more job satisfaction. You’ll have a more pleasant time at work. Additionally, when it gets stressful, you will have a support system to rely on. Friends can also help you obtain opportunities.

From a company standpoint as well, it leads to higher productivity and better company culture.

Ways to Instantly Make Friends at Your New Job

Being Friendly through Nonverbal Communication

You’re new so no one knows you yet. Then what do you think will make it more likely that they approach you? If you look friendly, with a relaxed body language, and smiling at people. It’s understandable to be somewhat anxious on the first day but don’t let that stop you from smiling at people. Then you’ll be more approachable. 

Try not to appear unapproachable by having earphones on all the time or being so absorbed in your devices that no one will want to approach you.

This will set the stage for the next step where you make an introduction.


The most basic and essential way to make friends- simply introduce yourself. You made eye contact with someone and smiled, now you just have to say Hi. After getting past that first word, rest will flow much more easily. Tell them you’re new and be curious about things- what people do around that area, how is the work pressure, how the supervisor treats them, etc. 

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Make Them Feel Important

You know their name now, so address them with that wherever it feels natural to. This feels quite basic but it can make people feel more connected when you address them by their name. Furthermore, continue to express a genuine interest in their opinions. You do not have to agree with them, you just have to be willing to listen and consider it. Everyone has a lot to say and love it when others want to hear it.

Find More Informal Ways to Connect

Talking while working in a formal setting can have its limitations. Some offices will have events and gatherings so try to participate in those. Join them when they meet up outside for lunch breaks or such. People are more likely to be relaxed outside.

You can also bring in snacks and share them with others. This could be quite simple, like a pack of biscuits or some chocolates. Another option is to add some personal detailing in your work area, like posters and art. It can indirectly spark up a conversation!

Help Each Other

Whenever someone is struggling with something, try and help if you can. Try to be understanding of what they are struggling with. Even asking for help can be a good way to make friends.

Find Similarities

This could be common hobbies, interests, sports, etc. Finding similar things can help create a shared understanding. On the other hand, try not to disagree with everything the person is saying. For example, instead of “I don’t like that place you’re talking about, I like the other one more.”, you could say “Oh I have personally enjoyed more at the other one.” 

Thank them

When you’re new, you’ll probably need some help from others in getting used to things. Thank them along the way, it creates a positive atmosphere where they’re more likely to be friendly.

Avoid Negativity

Gossip and politics can quickly take a bad turn because it creates a chain of negativity. If you gossip about someone in front of friends, they might also think you’ll gossip about them in front of others. Speaking negative things and always complaining can make you less pleasant to be around.

Give Compliments

This could be about their work, about something they told you, or anything else. It’s a great way to create a good friendly atmosphere. Make sure to keep these compliments original and authentic. Bonus points if it’s something they worked hard on.

Keep Following Up

Do not forget about them after the first interaction. Say hi, good afternoon, or at least smile every time you see them. Ask them things like:

  • How are you doing today?
  • How was the week for you?
  • How is the project we discussed earlier going?
  • What do they think about some change that has recently happened?

You can also let them know that they can let you know if there is anything you can help with

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Next, we will cover some related questions.

Is it normal to be friendly at work?

It is, as work is one of those places we spend a lot of time in. Being friendly will make it a much better time for you and your coworkers.

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how long should it take to make friends at work?

How long should it take to make friends at work?

It is easy to be an acquaintance- a person you know slightly but are not close enough to be called a friend. What does it take to be considered a friend? This differs for everyone. However, in a few days’ time of casual talking and doing things together, you’d typically be considered a friend.

How to make friends at work remotely?

The instructions are pretty much the same but communication will be on text so you’ll have fewer chances to connect in the way an in-person setting would allow. You can text people with doubts, check with them on how they’re doing, offer compliments, and do pretty much the same stuff you should be doing in person. You can also use some emojis to add friendliness.

How to make friends at work when you’re shy?

When you’re shy, it’s more difficult to approach people. But no worries, as you too can make friends at work by finding ways that work with you, that nudge just enough out of your comfort zone to not be too hard on you. 

The first step mentioned in the guide is going to help you most if you’re shy- Being Friendly through Nonverbal Communication. Smile at people and in general, just be friendly. Additionally, if events with too many people are difficult, try attending ones with fewer people. Over time, if you’re able to make your own comfortable group, you can be with them in places with lots of people as well. 

Start slow and don’t let failure hold you back!

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We discussed why you should make friends at work and how to do so. We also covered related questions that come up with the topic. This includes whether it’s normal to be friendly at work, how long it takes to make friends, how to make friends remotely, and when you’re shy.

Having public speaking skills can also top up your game when making friends. Check out public speaking coaching to know more!

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