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Public speaking is a skill that require good social and communication skills

Public Speaking Skills: Soft or Hard? 

What is a Hard and a Soft Skill?  Hard skills are technical abilities learned and improved through repetition and continuous practice. They play a significant part in improving the productivity of a person, needed in today’s resume-centered era.   Hard skills are abilities that can be certified formally. Some examples of hard skills include proficiency in

mic setup for a public speaker

How to Make Public Speaking Fun?

Public speaking can be a very daunting task. It can fill you up with tons of anxiety and uncertainty as you can never be sure if your audience will find you interesting or not. But fret not there are ways in which you can make public speaking fun, for both yourself as well as your

Is Talking With Your Hands a Good or Bad Thing?

Let me tell you a small tale before we begin. Once there was a debate competition held in my school. I remember this incident so vividly because of a particular student, who when given the stage almost hypnotized me. Literally, not in an impressive manner. The student was so awkward and phony with her hands

A presenter ending his presentation

6 Big Don’ts While Ending a Presentation (& What to do Instead)

A presentation is a slideshow or speech that a presenter gives to an audience. While all components of a business presentation are crucial, the ending can determine whether or not your presentation makes a lasting impression on your audience.  A badly delivered closing remark can dramatically derail a presentation that has otherwise gone well. As

5 aspects of a great public speaker

5 Most Important Aspects of a Good Public Speaker

Some people have a knack for public speaking and can effortlessly deliver a speech, talk, or engage in a conversation with numerous people. Why do some people still stand out and are remembered more fondly than others? What qualities make them stand out from a similar group of people with similar attributes and abilities? If

Backup slides used for presentations

Backup Slides: The Six Situations Saviors

Imagine, you are going on a vacation and the task left to complete is your packing. You keep in mind every situation – a wardrobe malfunction, a weather situation, a travel mishap etc. With all those scenarios, you end up overpacking (due to packing backup clothes) and bringing with you an unnecessary load of those

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