What Is an Encore Presentation?

A man giving an Encore Presentation

Imagine you are at a concert; you are having your best time when the crowd realizes that the show is about to end. In unison, you scream “once more!” which compels the artist to perform a piece again. Now when a similar thing happens with a presenter when they have to present again, it is called an Encore presentation.

By Definition, an encore is an additional or extra piece that the artist performs after the end of their planned performance, purely out of public demand.

Encores are mostly performed after concerts or plays. The artist usually performs a small piece or a scene that is most liked by the audience. At times, the audience might demand a very particular thing that they would like to see again.

Now, all that discussion surrounds what encore performance is and that is something you might have come across through your tiresome google search as well.

But getting answers to the questions below is what might have been challenging. Fret not, we’ve got you covered!

So, what is an encore presentation? or how do you define an encore presentation? 

An encore presentation is when the data which was originally presented at some conference or event is reproduced and presented again to reach a larger audience.

The idea behind any encore is that it is usually demanded by the people. This also means that the presentation or performance was so good or informative that the people want more of it. So, essentially an encore is the appreciation for the presenter or performer by the audience.

These encore presentations are sometimes uploaded on openly accessible channels like YouTube or open drives which means that they are easy to access by everyone.

The presenter presents their topic by either sharing a PowerPoint or can even choose to give completely oral presentations.

Encore presentations also happen to be a crucial part of the reruns of various Tv shows and News channels wherein one informative episode is telecast at a time that is different from the usual telecast time for the show.

In fact for The Andy Griffith Show, the reruns were retitled by Andy of Mayberry to help the audience distinguish between the episodes airing on Primetime and the ones that were rerun.

Keep reading the blog to know more about Encore TV presentations

In short, defining Encore presentation in a sentence would be, 

An encore presentation is the reproduction of the data originally presented in a conference, event, or meeting to reach a larger audience.

Short History of Encore Presentations

An audience listening to an encore presentation

In the 18th century, wealthy men would often demand a repetition of a song or scene to enjoy the piece yet again. This is where the word encore founds its existence which originates from the French word that means “Again.”

The first known encore performance was in the year 1786 during the premiere of Mozart’s The Marriage of Figaro wherein the encored pieces ended up doubling the time of the actual event!

However, within a couple of days, under the orders of Emperor Joseph II of Austria, there was a limit set to encore performances leading to today’s one to three pieces’ encore performances.

And believe it or not, at one point, encores were banned in northern Italy. They felt that the encore performances were less serious, focused more on individual artists rather than the band or opera, and carried with them the potential for public disorder.

Initially, Encore performances or presentations were carried out purely out of the public’s continued applause or request.

However, things have changed with time. Now bands or artists are accused of planning out the encores. They leave out the best pieces of their work for the end and savor the audience’s cry for those very pieces. It is believed that these days, encores are very rarely unplanned.

How is an encore presentation different from the original presentation?

Unlike encore performances, there isn’t a huge difference between the original presentation and the encore presentation. Encore performances are short or include only a part of the entire performance.

On the other hand, Encore presentations as stated are when the presenter puts forth the information, he/she/ they presented earlier at some event.

It isn’t practical to share a part of the presentation or a snippet of the presentation as the audience would not gain anything from it.

The idea of an encore presentation is the same as that of the original presentation. The only difference between the two is that while the original presentation is presented to a live audience, an encore presentation can be shared with the people through online forums like YouTube from where they can access the data at any time.

Is encore presentation an Adaptation?

Encore PresentationAdaptation
Encore presentations include presentations of a previously presented topic as it is.Adaptation in a presentation is when some new information is added or altered to the previously presented topic.

Adaptation is when you add information or tweak information in your presentation.

So, let’s say somewhere in 2020 you presented on the topic “Bitcoin in India” and would like to present on the same topic in mid-2022. For the new presentation, you might want to update your presentation. This includes adding information on the new tax rules when it comes to cryptocurrencies that were passed in the Indian budget in the year 2022.

This adding of new information in your presentation is what you call adaptation.

So essentially, adaptation is when you present new information or interpretations with previously presented data.

Encore on the other hand is simply the re-presentation of previously presented data and interpretations. There isn’t room for adaptations in encore presentations.

How do you use an encore?

One of the major uses of encore presentations is to reach a wider audience or to present the same topic to a different audience. A couple of ways in which you can use encore presentations or you can give encore presentations are:

1. To present the same topic at a different conference

Quiet a few times, researchers end up presenting the same study to various related conferences as it gives them a chance to present their understanding to a larger crowd of intellectuals who would be able to gain from their presentation.

However, researchers or academic scholars are not the only ones who reuse their presentations and topics. Even marketers who would want to pitch their ideas or products may use the same presentation as making different presentations for each client or company might be very challenging.

2. To present the topic in a local language

Encore presentations or presenting your topic again can also be done when you want to reach the locals. It would require you to present again in a language that is suitable for your new audience.

In research conferences, you might ask a volunteer or add another remember who can present the topic for you. This holds true especially when you have to present a topic in the local language. In this way, the content and presentation stay the same but you see a change in the presenter.

3. To present the topic to a much larger virtual audience

Another way of carrying out an encore presentation is to present it to a virtual audience through a channel that is easily and widely accessible, like YouTube. Find an example of the same below:

This serves as the best option as
  • You can reach a much larger audience
  • The information stays with the audience
  • They can access it at their convenience

This brings us to the next question,

Why is there an encore?

Encore presentations bring with them a couple of advantages. Without wasting time, let’s check out some of them!

Advantages of Encore Presentations

1. Allows the speaker to reach more people

As we have been discussing encore presentations help the speaker to reach a larger audience and help them present their ideas, interpretations, or products.

2. It stays with the audience

Encore presentations uploaded carried out through online portals like YouTube and university websites stay with the audience for a longer time and they can access them whenever they feel the need.

3. Gives the viewers a chance to learn and relearn

The presentations made over open, easy-to-access portals give the people a chance to learn from them. These are the people who have come across the presentations for the first time.

While it also helps give a new perspective to the ones who are already familiar with the topic or even the presentation.

Examples of Encore Presentations

1. Tutorial Encore Presentation

This type of encore presentation is very common on youtube. It tries to teach you how to do certain things. Check out the video below for an example of tutorial encore presentations.

2. Academic Encore Presentation

Academic encore presentations aim to provide theoretical understanding to the people. They are usually long and can be anywhere between 30 minutes to 2 hours long.

Check out the video below for an example of an academic encore presentation.

4. Research Encore Presentation

Research encore presentations include presentations of the same topic to different conferences or after publication in a journal.

The above video is an absolutely amazing example of not only a research presentation but it is also an encore presentation.


The speaker makes it very clear at the beginning of his presentation that the paper he was about to present had recently been accepted in one of the well-known journals.

5. Encore Presentation for entertainment

Encore presentations for entertainment would include encore presentations of movies, Tv shows, and performances like operas and concerts.

Encore performance

For Concerts and performances, encores usually include either performance of the artist’s best piece or the one that is demanded by the audience. Although encores are usually unplanned, it is believed that encores these days are already planned by the artist.

It is the last piece of their performance which also means that it is their most awaited performance for the night or the event.

You can try to relive the encore of one of Eminem’s concerts here:

Encore Presentations for TV

Encores for TV usually involve a rerun of the episode originally telecasted on Primetime.

An example of the same is the encore of Ophrah Winfrey Show where she interviews Michelle Obama.

How to give effective Encore Presentations?

By now we have understood what encore presentations are. Essentially you are just trying to reach out to a wider audience in order to familiarize them with your topic.

So in a sense just like presentations, it is important for you to deliver them effectively

The reason we focus on delivery here is that you would already have the script of your presentation ready!

Tips to Effectively Deliver Encore Presentations

1. Rehearse

One of the most crucial things about Encore presentations is the need to rehearse your presentation.

Agreed you have already presented the topic before and you are very confident! But practice and rehearsal will only help you give a fantastic encore presentation. Even you know we aren’t lying!

Try to present your speech in front of a camera or through zoom. You can also read it out loud or present it to your friends or family (provided they are willing to listen to you for the nth time!)

2. Opening Lines

Opening lines are very crucial especially if your encore presentation is a long one.

Try to take a minute to pause and observe the room. The reason is very simple it gives you an idea of who you are going to be talking to which might be very different from the audience you originally delivered your presentation to.

The second thing you can do is to start strong. But how do you start strong?

By beginning your presentation with something different like a quote, some statistical figure, or some fact. You can also try to question a very popular view or opinion.

To get a clearer idea of opening lines for your encore presentations check out the short video below:

3. Closing Remarks

Closing remarks are crucial for all kinds of presentations. It doesn’t matter if your encore is of 3-minutes, 10-minutes, or even 30-minutes.

Make sure you have a very impactful closing remark so that your audience can easily recall your presentation. A few ways you can make it impactful are:

  • Fitting Remark: Summarize your speech in sweet, simple words.
  • Motivational remark: Leaving the audience with a motivational quote or line.
  • Expository Remark: Share your personal experiences or story that your audience can easily relate to.
  • Contemplative remark: Giving the audience thought, idea, or view to think about.

Final Words

Encore Presentations are simply repetitions or presenting your topic again. This should ideally give you a little confidence boost as you have already given a presentation on the same before.

Although rehearsing constantly can only help you enhance your presentations more. This would mean that when you do actually give your encore presentation, you’ll have more grasp over your presentation which can help you reach your audiences in a more effective manner.

Think about it!

If the very meaning of encore is repetition and its literal synonyms are replay, repeat, and rerun then shouldn’t concerts or performances wherein the artist performs an absolutely different song or scene not even be called an encore for it steals its very meaning?

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