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9 Reasons Why Interviews Make You Nervous

Interviews can be pretty scary. No matter how prepared you might be, that tiniest bit anxiety can come knocking at your door at any time. If you have faced a similar situation or have asked yourself “why do interviews make me so nervous?” you are in the right place! By definition, interviews are merely structured

accepting a job offer after a failed negotiation

How to Accept a Job Offer After Failed Negotiation?

So you just got a failed negotiation email from a company you really want to be a part of and have no idea what to do? Don’t worry! We are here to help you understand how you can accept a job offer after a failed negotiation. Salary negotiations are a part and parcel of any

Green eyes

How Long Should You Hold Eye Contact in Conversation?

We have often been told to maintain eye contact in a conversation. But we are rarely told anything about how long should you hold eye contact in conversation. Eye contact or looking into people’s eyes while talking to them is a very effective way of understanding whether or not someone is really into the conversation.

10 Reasons Why You Get Nervous During Presentations

Why do I get so nervous during presentations? This question comes to the mind of every person who is about to deliver a speech or presentation. Anxiety frequently takes the form of a fear of public speaking. From mild trepidation to paralysing fear and terror, it can fluctuate in intensity. Many persons who have this

Can Presentations Be Too Short?

Have a gut feeling that your presentation is too short? Or is your presentation shorter than what was asked out of you? Short presentations aren’t such a bad thing. This article will help you understand the effectiveness of short presentations. Read along to find out how to deliver effective short presentations or make your short

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