Ultimate 35+ Best Self-Introduction lines (With Examples)

self-introduction lines by a man

Hey! I am Hrideep Barot, founder of Frantically Speaking. In this blog I’ll try to give you a comprehensive idea of 35+ best self-introduction lines, so…um..yea, stay tuned?

Now If you are wondering who introduces themselves in such a bizarre way?

We are here to tell you, almost everyone!

Try to remember the first time you were asked to introduce yourself in front of your class, do you think you did a good job?

If yes, kudos to you!

But mostly, we all fumbled, had no idea what to say, and ended our self-introduction with either “Yep that’s it?” or “I guess that is me!”

But as we grow up, we realize how important it is to be able to introduce ourselves in the most dynamic way possible. Because a lot many times these self-introduction lines help you make your first impression and can even make or break your life in terms of job opportunities or relationships.

Self-introductions are your way of introducing yourself to people. It is a gist of what you do? Where do you come from? And everything else that might be important for the listener to continue the conversation with you.

On average, self-introductions are about a minute long. But they can range from about 30 seconds as in the case of an elevator pitch to 2 minutes for interviews.

Before diving into self-introduction lines, let’s first understand a few things which will help you frame the perfect self-introduction lines of yourself!

Why is self-introduction important?

Self-introductions are very important because:

1. Helps you interact with others

Self-introductions are an effective way to begin a conversation with someone you may or may not know.

2. To make a good first impression

As discussed, self-introductions help in communicating and interacting with new people. This would also mean that self-introductions help in forming a good first impression on people if done properly.

3. Let others understand your background

Self-introductions are not just about stating your name and profession but also about your other basic details. These would include the place you come from, your educational background, or your interests. All of these provide an opportunity for the other person to understand you better.

4. Helps to break the ice

Often, on the first day of school or college, we are asked to introduce ourselves. Why do they do it? Because self-introductions act as ice breakers and would help you interact with your classmates effectively later on.

Things to avoid in your self-introduction lines

There are a few things that you must avoid when you are giving a self-introduction. To understand this better let’s take a look at the first few lines of this very blog and point out the mistakes!

Hey! I am Hrideep Barot, founder of Frantically Speaking. In this blog I’ll try to give you a comprehensive idea of 35+ best self-introduction lines, so…um..yea, stay tuned?

1. Lack of information

The first thing that you’ll observe in the above example is how little information you have about the speaker.

There is nothing you know beyond the fact that I am the founder of frantically speaking. And, if you are visiting our website for the first time, you might not even have a clear idea of what frantically speaking offers!

Thus, providing very little information is something that you must avoid at all costs. It steals the opportunity for the readers or listeners to understand where you come from or relate to you.

A revised version of the above example would be something like,

Hey! I am Hrideep Barot, founder of Frantically Speaking, an organization that works to help you be a more confident communicator and public speaker. Self-introductions happen to be one the most crucial things in any form of communication and so here we are with a perfect guide comprising of more than 35 self-introduction lines that you can use the next time you have to introduce yourself! 

2. Filler words

Be it a casual conversation or a professional interview, using filler words shows that you are either unprepared or too nervous, both of which come in the way of effectively communicating.

So, try to avoid using filler words as much as possible

3. Less confidence

Self-introductions are like short quick speeches about the easiest and most convenient topic ever, Your own self!

Be honest with what you are saying and be confident. So, when in the example above, I use I’ll try to give a comprehensive idea on 35+ self-introduction lines,” the word try is what shows my doubt or poor confidence in my ability to provide you with the necessary information as it indicates an attempt.

4. Overconfidence

If you think you can overcome the limitation of being underconfident by being a little extra confident, reconsider!

Overconfidence would make you boast about yourself or ramble on and on about yourself, and no one is interested in either.

So, try to be confident in yourself but also consider what others would be expecting from your self-introduction.

To avoid making these mistakes while introducing yourself, you can try to structure your self-introduction prior hand. Or keep these structures in your mind so that you can use them to frame a self-introduction on the spot.

PREP model

Point, Reason, Example, Point is what PREP stands for. But what does that mean?

Simple, you begin by making a point, then you give a reason for stating that particular point. Now because we are practical beings, we always look for credibility which you give to your listeners by introducing an example that strengthens your reason. Once you have given an example, you might want to restate the point either directly or by paraphrasing to end it on an impactful note.

WWW model

WWW stands for, Who you are? Why do you do what you do? and Where are you going from here?

An example of WWW for self-introduction is given below

Hey I am Reshma, the founder of fitee, your one stop destination for fitness styling. We belive that it is very important for you to feel confident and comfortable in your clothes when you are working out. I founded the brand after struggling to find good althetisure that would not only be comfortable but also help me look glamnourous. We look forward to reaching every nook and corner of the country and help all the fitnes enthusiats to put their best fit forward!

Check out the YouTube video to get an in-depth understanding of the concepts we just discussed.

Now let’s look at the 35+ self-introduction lines we talked about!

Self-introduction lines

Self-Introduction lines for interviews

Woman being interviewed

Interviews, be it for college or job, require you to follow a professional code of conduct and language. You cannot use slang words or show up to the interview in your t-shirt and shorts.

Understand that self-introduction only adds to the first impression that the interviewer forms of you. Even before you start speaking, a basic judgment has already been made by observing the way you are dressed and the way you greet everyone.

Groom yourself accordingly.

Now when it comes to self-introductions, you must understand that most interviewers start with “Tell me about yourself”. It helps them understand a few basic things like your communication skills and confidence.

The most popular way of structuring self-introductions for interviews is in the PPF format.

PPP stands for Past Present and Future.

1. Give a basic introduction of yourself

Giving a very basic introduction of yourself would look something like

Good morning, I am Aisha Beidi. I recently graduated from XYZ college and have since been working as a Research intern at Researctack. 

2. Talk about your past

When it comes to talking about your past, you are free to very briefly talk about your educational background or your family. You can also talk about some extra courses you had taken or internship experience. An example of this would be

In my first year of college, we were introduced to research writing which I found interesting. After realizing my interest in the field, I took up extra online courses and gained a precise understanding of both quantitative and qualitative research writing and analysis.

3. Talk about how your past shaped your present decision

Linking your past to your present decision would help in maintaining a flow in your self-introduction. An example of this using the above example would be:

The courses I had pursued in my undergraduation made me realize that I’d want to pursue the field further by gaining practical experience. Soon after graduating, I was able to my hands on a wonderful internship with Researctack. I have been working with the team for 3 months now and have specialized in the domain of customer analytics.

4. Talk about your future plans

No, you don’t have to talk about your retirement plans here!

When you talk about your plans make sure that it is in line with the ideologies of the company you are interviewing for.

But I would like to dive deeper in the field of market research analytics with your esteemed organisation. I realize that this opportunity brings with it not only possibility of professional growth but also personal growth which is something I looked forward to.

Self-Introduction lines for freshers

Freshers lined up for their mock interview

As freshers, you might feel that you don’t have enough to talk about when it comes to self-introduction, but that isn’t the case.

A list of things you can include in your self-introduction lines as a fresher is:

  • Hobbies like art, cooking, video editing, and more
  • Academic achievements like being a school topper or class topper
  • Extra-curricular activities like representing your college in competitions and conferences
  • Internship experiences
  • Leadership roles
  • Extra courses

Examples of self-introduction lines for freshers


Good morning, everyone, thank you for this opportunity to introduce myself. I am Jim, and I graduated in business analytics from XYZ College, Bombay. At present, I am interning as a customer analyst with Limelight. Besides Analytics, I have an immense interest in art. I find it easy to communicate effectively and learn anything quickly. Being in the very early phase of my career, I understand the importance of constant learning and I believe that working with your esteemed organization would provide me the opportunity to constantly learn and upskill myself.


Good morning, I am Arya and I recently graduated from XYZ college. Growing up I had always found immense interest in art and crafts. With the support from my parents and teachers in school, I was able to represent my school in various competitions and was also ranked first in a state-level art competition. My love for art motivated me to pursue liberal arts in my bachelor’s. In my first year of college, we were introduced to website designing and I was intrigued by it. I then pursued a few online courses in website designing. Further, I helped design websites for a local bakery store in my locality and the cultural committee of my college. I now look forward to contributing my skills and honing them with your esteemed organization.

Self-introduction lines for Experienced professionals

A professional introducing herself in an interview

If you are an experienced professional, you probably have a lot many things you might want to talk about. However, the task for you is to give a short, quick, and crisp self-introduction.

A list of things you can include in your self-introduction lines as an experienced professional is:

  • Years of work experience
  • Companies you worked with
  • Projects you worked on
  • Leadership positions and responsibilities
  • Statistics or data that prove you are effective in your job. This would also include awards and recognition received.
  • Additional professional courses taken
Examples of self-introduction lines for professionals


Sure, I am Jay D’sa, an MBA graduate of XYZ university batch of 2014. After successful college placements, I was able to work with a renowned Consulting company based out of Bangalore for 5 years. Post that, I landed my job at a start-up in Pune and have been working there for 3 years. I believe the experience and skill set that I was able to gain from working in both, an MNC as well as a start-up will come to its best use in your esteemed organization and am therefore looking forward to being a part of the team.


Good Morning, I am Nysa Jain, an engineering graduate from XYZ College, Mumbai. I began my career as a marketing intern with A company and later switched to the role of an analyst with B company. I have been working here since 2018. Over the years I have gained expertise in analyzing the competitive market nature of the company’s clients, identifying business opportunities, and recommending penetration strategies to elevate the ROI of our clients. My proven market analysis has allowed me to achieve long-term success for my company clients which I believe is in line with your company motto “Providing a guaranteed solution to our clients.”

15 Self-introduction quotes for interviews

Although it isn’t recommended to use quotes in your self-introduction for interviews, if you are still tempted to add a quote in your self-introduction lines, then check out the examples given below!

Quotes are the best ways to give 1 line self-introductions.

Self-introduction quotes you can use while switching careers or finding jobs after a break

1- I don’t think switching careers is unusual. In fact, I’d like to quote my favorite actress Angelina Jolie here, “Some people say you are going the wrong way when it’s simply a way of your own.”

2- As Harvey Fierstein saidAccept no one’s definition of your life but define yourself,” I was trying to define myself by taking up various courses and understanding the field I really enjoy rather than directly jumping into the job market.

3- “Step out of the history that is holding you back. Step into the new story you are willing to create.” is what Oprah Winfrey said and is my exact answer to your question, “Why am I looking for a career change despite majoring in biology?”

On the other hand, if you are someone who always has a plan, you can use the quotes below to show that you are a very structured person and always plan ahead.

Self-introduction quotes you can use to show you are a structured person

4– I agree with Derek Sivers that Only dead fish go with the flow and thus like to plan out my work at all times.

5- As Benjamin Franklin said, By Failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail, I always come prepared for my job.

6If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else said Yogi Berra and that is something I truly believe and it reflects on my work as well.

Self-introduction quotes to highlight soft skills


7- I am a core believer in Thomas Edison’s words, “There is a way to do it better — find it.”

8- Abraham Lincoln once said, “Whatever you are, be a good one.” I try to do that every day.

9- Judy Garland had very rightly said, “Always be a first-rate version of yourself and not a second-rate version of someone else.” And all I try to do is be a better version of myself every day.

Not procrastinating or time management

10- I don’t believe in procrastination. In fact, I believe in Thomas Jefferson’s words, “Never put off for tomorrow what you can do today.”

11- John F. Kennedy had rightly said, “The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.”

12- I believe in stitching in time to save nine.


13- “Great things in business are never done by one person; they’re done by a team of people.” said one of the most successful businessmen in the world, Steve Jobs and I don’t think anyone can disagree with that.

14- I believe in personal growth alone but also that of my team members. I’d like to quote Brian Tracy who very beautifully said “Don’t aspire to be the best on the team. Aspire to be the best for the team.”

15- I am very comfortable working in teams, in fact, I agree with Chuck Page when he says, “A single leaf working alone provides no shade.”

Self-introduction lines for students

A student in uniform

Be it on the first day of your school or while presenting your assignment or even participating in a competition, giving a good self-introduction is very important.

Let us dive directly into examples that can help us understand how to frame the best self-introduction lines for you!

Best self-introduction lines for students

For your first day, try to keep your self-introduction very short and sweet. Do not ramble upon anything or take up too much time as it is likely that other students to have to introduce themselves.

5 self-introduction in 2 lines for students

1- Hello everyone! I am Emily; I am originally from Texas but recently moved here to LA with my family. I love to sing and hope to join the school choir soon. Glad to meet everyone!

2- Hi, My name is Alian, If I had to describe myself in two words, then it would be football and Anime. I am also the captain of the college football team and we are looking for new students to join the team, if you think you’ll be a good fit, let’s chat!

3- Hey, I am Naomi. I am a nerd for psychology and philosophy and look forward to majoring in the subjects. Might as well learn to read your mind by the end of the year!

4- Hello, I am Riya. I grew up in this very school, right from nursery to here in 10th grade. Art is something I find solace in but I mostly indulge In drawing portraits. I am also well versed with every nook and corner of this campus, so let me know if you are looking for the perfect spot to have your lunch!

5- Hey, I am Abram, I’m excited to be a part of this class. I am a foodie and have been told that I am a great listener too. In college, I look forward to making new friends and a ton of memories!

If you are looking for ways in which you can introduce yourself for your school presentation or competition, then jump to the section on self-introduction lines for presentations.

Self-introduction lines for nursery students

Nursery students with their teacher

Teaching your kids how to introduce themselves when they are young as 4 years old can be a task. They might not be able to recall or might not even want to talk in the first place!

What you can do is try to break their self-introductions into small chunks. Make use of words and relations they find easy to remember. Try to not exceed more than 10-15 lines, as it would make it very challenging for them to introduce themselves in the way you might have imagined.

Few things you can add to the self-introduction for nursery students

  • Name
  • Age
  • Parents’ names or occupation
  • Name of siblings and class they study in
  • School they study in
  • Their favorite thing. It can be their favorite food, hobby, cartoon character, or even their favorite game.

5 self-introduction lines for nursery students

1- I am Rizal Syed. I am 4 years old. I live with my mom, dad, and older sister. My dad is an engineer. My mom is a lawyer. I study at Monte Carlo Junior kids. I love buzz lightyear. Like buzz, I want to be an astronaut!

2- I am Jenkin. I am 5 years old and study at XYZ school. I live in Mumbai with my mom and dad. Rihaan from school is my best friend. We love playing football.

3- My name is Alisha. I am 5 years old.  I have 2 dads. They work in real estate. We also have a dog. Her name is mini. She is very tiny. I love playing hide and seek. And also love swimming. I want to be a swimmer when I grow up.

4- I am Kelso; I live with my mom and my grandma. My Mother is a teacher. I study at XYZ School. My class teacher is Ms. Rebbecca. I love going to the park and the beach. I want to be a teacher like my mom one day.

5- Hey! I am Milana, I am 6 years old. I live with my mom and dad. Recently I became a big sister. I study at little angels school. I love to sing and dance. Soon I’ll move to the first grade and make new friends. I’m very excited about that!

Self-introduction lines for presentations

Self-introductions for presentations are a little different than the ones we discussed so far.

Self-introductions for presentations require you to use formal language. Also, they are short and quick and don’t usually exceed 30 seconds, as a long self-introduction would mean less time for you to present your topic!

A few things that you must remember before introducing yourself for your presentations are:

Keep it short. Keep it simple and to the point. Make sure to pause after you are done introducing yourself and before you start with your topic.

Give warming to your audience if required.  Warming like “I’m sorry for the voice, I have been a little sick” Or “I’m   sorry but I am facing some network issues and might get logged out in the middle of the presentation in which case do not leave, I’ll join back as soon as possible.”

In case you are presenting in front of a large crowd, you may want to start with an attention grabber like a quote, story, rhetorical question, or even a prolonged pause before jumping into introducing yourself. However, this might not be necessary in the case of small group presentations.

Examples of 5 line self-introductions for presentations


Hello everyone, I am Sasha, a volunteer at climatin. At Climatin our main motto is to try and do our level best to fight human forces and activities that are leading to rapid climatic changes. Climate change is here and in no time it will drown us to death! Today, I am here to inspire you to contribute your tiniest efforts to work towards a better planet for your future generations.


Hello and good evening everyone. I am Neville and this is my team, Aisha, Tom, Harry, and Noman. We are in our senior year majoring in industrial psychology. Today we would like to talk about the 5 main Psychological factors that impact any organization’s overall performance.

Funny self-introduction lines

Giving a funny self-introduction is not for everyone, but if you are really interested in doing so, we’ve got your back!

6 funny self-introduction lines

Self-introduction lines inspired by famous dialogues

1- Hey I am Raj, Naam toh suna hoga (You must’ve heard the name?) (Bollywood movie)

2- Hey, I am Jack, how you Doin? (Friends)

3- If someone has introduced themselves to you and asks you to introduce yourself, you can say “Who am I? You sure you want to know?” (Peter Parker)

Funny pick-up lines

4- Hey, I am Raj. Here I brought you some water. I believe you might need it after constantly running through my dreams.

5- Hey, I am Alisha. I am sad to inform you that I’ll have to report you to the police for stealing my heart from across the room.

6- Hi, I am Zeeshan! I was wondering if you could help me find my inhaler cause you just took my breath away.

Check out one of the funniest self-introductions you will come across on youtube given by a Chinese student!

He begins by taking the most hilarious dig on himself. Check out what he says below

In today’s global economy i’m sure many of you know the product that is m.i.c. Made in China. But today I’d like to introduce you to a new product that is made in China…ME!

How to Introduce yourself to a group?

If introducing yourself to one person was not daunting enough, imagine introducing yourself to a group of people?

The idea behind introducing yourself to a group of people is to connect with them or even be a part of the group.

So the best way to introduce yourself to a group is to briefly talk about yourself and then try to initiate a conversation with them. You can do that in any of the following ways:

1. Talk about relatable topics

Try to understand if there is anything common between you and the group you want to introduce yourself to?

Do you and the group come from the same background? area of study? locality? university? have the same interests?

Once you figure that out, you can then try to add the topic in your self-introduction. This will prompt the others to not only respond to you but will also make them interested in getting to know you.

So for instance if you have to introduce yourself to a group of people outside a concert, you might want to say something like:

Hi, I am Ren. I’ve been following the band for a year now. It just felt like you all have known the band for some time now. How long have you known this band?

2. Talk about generic topics

Talking about generic topics is the most convenient way to give a self-intorduction and begin a conversation with the group.

Generic questions will involve asking questions related to their profession, area of study, Interests, family, and friends.

A few generic questions that you can add to your self-introduction are:

  • What brings you to (the event/place)?
  • Did you go to XYZ school as well?
  • How is the (new place/ job/ school) treating you?
  • What do you do for a living?

3. Add to the Conversation

Now let’s assume you find a group of people talking about something that you have ample knowledge about or interest in. This would make it very easy for you to introduce yourself to the group as you can add to their conversation by putting across a different point of view. You can also simply agree with their already existing views.

An example of adding to the conversation while introducing yourself to a group is given below:

Hello! I’m sorry for interrupting but I overheard your conversation and couldn’t help but add to it. My name is Zack, I am a school counselor at St Stephen High School. As you (points to someone) rightly said, it is indeed getting very difficult for students to cope up with the ever increasing competition and the need for academic validation. But unlike you, I’d suggest giving them enough space and an open, loving enviornment to be vulnerable in rather than being authoritative as it can prove to be more beneficial.

Popular Self-Introduction lines

Famous self-introduction lines or popular self-introduction lines are the ones we use casually or in our everyday conversation.

A few ways in which you can introduce yourself in everyday life are given below:

Introducing yourself in 2 lines to a new colleague or neighbor


Hey there! I am Dan, I live next door. I saw you moved in yesterday so thought I should come over and introduce myself to you. Let me know if there is anything I can help you out with.


Hey, aren’t you the new intern? I am Piyush from the Accounting department by the way. It’s really nice to meet you, hope the office is treating you right!

More informal ways of introducing can sound like “Hey Raj, Riya here, Alisha’s friend!” or “good morning! I don’t think we have met before, I am Ayan by the way!”

Creative ways to introduce yourself

Creative self-introductions are the ones that are online than any other. They are unique and help you stand out. A few out-of-the-box ideas to introduce yourself are given below.

1. Self-Tag

Self tags are a creative way to introduce yourself. It also encourages the other person to make a conversation with you.

A typical self-tag includes writing your name on a sticker and pasting it on your shirt so that everyone can see it.

There are people who make it more creative by wearing t-shirts with a couple of lines that describe them.

An example of a self-introduction line you can get printed on your t-shirt is “Hi! I am James and I love mountain bikes. Do you?”

2. Sing a song

On my first day of college, a classmate of mine ended up singing a song, describing himself and that has stuck with me to this day! Singing a song is a very unusual way of introducing yourself.

But it would obviously require you to have the skills of singing well. Else your self-introduction may turn out to be a disaster.

If you are not good at singing, you can try your hands at spoken word poetry, stand-up, an advertisement with a small jingle in the end, or absolutely anything else that comes easy to you!

Final Words

Self-introductions form a very crucial part of any form of communication. It is the gist of your own self.

You don’t have to go into great depths to come up with a self-introduction that suits perfectly for you, just having a clear idea of the points you want to highlight. Also, make sure to keep it short and crisp. Don’t make it too lengthy by focusing too much on details or ramblings on and on about yourself.

Understand the situation in which you are introducing yourself. Self-introduction for an interview should be formal and more structured. While for a casual conversation, you can add slang words and maintain a free flow.

Lastly, just be yourself, because that is what self-introductions are all about!

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