Top 23 Public Speaking Udemy Courses Review: The Best Fit for You

Public speaking just like any other art form is the one that is best mastered when it is practiced. No matter what age you begin learning it, everyone will tell you to grab every possible stage opportunity that you can and practice.

However, there are a few tips and tricks that one can learn to ensures ease into the transition from a non speaker to a speaker. Given the overwhelming amount of information that is present online, it can get a little confusing in terms of what to read and what not to.

We have taken a bunch of courses off popular online learning website Udemy, and reviewed them for you. They are a diverse bunch, some that address how to begin public speaking right to some as nuanced as how to tell a story and how to give a motivational speech.

There is a little something for everyone, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced speaker, a student or civil servant, a YouTuber, or a young kid. Find your fit and happy learning!

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Public Speaking Courses – Beginner Level

1. The Complete Presentation and Public Speaking Speech Course


Chris Haroun’s course is a well-structured guide to understanding the roots of public speaking. It is for anyone and everyone, school and college students, professionals and the one who just want to learn it for themselves.

At almost 16 hours the course is a little exhaustive but that’s where the best element comes.

Haroun in his initial introduction explains how to effectively navigate through it so that one can gain the knowledge that they need and not waste time on things irrelevant to them.

Haroun’s course is one of those very few ones that aims to teach the importance of audience analysis. Understanding who the audience is and what their tastes and preferences are is one of the most important things that any speaker needs to know.

Apart from this, the course promises a measured peak into everything from how to have buoyant beginnings to conclusive conclusions to understanding how to make effective slides for presentations.

Chris Haroun is founder & CEO of Haroun Education Ventures, an award-winning business school professor a frequent guest lecturer at several Bay Area MBA schools including Berkeley & Stanford. He is author of a bestselling book called 101 Crucial Lessons They Don’t Teach You In Business Schools.

Skills you will learn

  1. How to analyse your audience
  2. How to effectively start and end
  3. How to make effective presentations
  4. How to deliver right
  5. How to deal with questions

Once you learn how to love public speaking, you will never be the same

Chris Haroun

Duration – 16 hours


  1. Identify and identifying with your audience
  2. What’s the purpose of your speech?
  3. How to start your presentations?
  4. What to include and how to structure the content
  5. Beating the writer’s block and how to end a presentation
  6. Getting feedback and presenting your content
  7. Creating slides
  8. Customizing images
  9. Adding videos, animation, and other topics
  10. Presentation slides case studies
  11. Developing confidence
  12. Delivery – Creating the delivery
  13. Tackling questions
  14. Practice
  15. Post presentation

You can find more details on the course or purchase the same by clicking here

2. Chris Anderson on Public Speaking


One of the best things I liked about this course is the fact that the host is giving us lessons and examples from thousands of people who are (in most cases) highly accomplished professionals. This allowed me to draw, not just from the experience of the host but also from so many higher-achieving individuals.

Examples from people like Bill Gates, Brene Brown, Monica Lewinsky helped me get the perspective of all these people. It truly helped me believe that public speaking is not just for people with extraordinary talents. It can be learned by just about all of us.

As a beginner speaker, this course will help you get a great overview to help you know what makes a speech great and (more importantly) what to avoid as a public speaker. This will surely help you skip a lot of mistakes many speakers make in the start of their journey.

I’ve read the book written on TED talks by Chris Anderson as well. But I would prefer a video course. Why? Since the host draws a lot of lessons from examples of various TED speakers, it helps to see the examples being performed in front of you as opposed to reading and imagining them.

Skills you will learn

  • Connecting with the audience
  • How to explain concepts and ideas via speeches
  • The art of persuasion
  • Using visuals in your talk
  • How to practice public speaking

You will also learn about why working on the skill of public speaking matters more now than ever before. I personally resonated with this part the most. It’s partly why this website was started in the first place.

“Presentation literacy isn’t an optional extra for the few. It’s a core skill for the twenty-first century.”

chris anderson

Duration – 1 hour


  • What All Great Talks Have in Common
  • How to Structure a Successful Talk
  • The Tool of Narration
  • The Tool of Explanation
  • The Tool of Persuasion
  • The Tool of Revelation
  • Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking
  • Case Study: How Monica Lewinsky Overcame Her Fear of Speaking
  • How to Rehearse Your Talk
  • How to Use Visuals with Your Talk
  • Start Your Talk So That People Pay Attention
  • End Your Talk Powerfully
  • Practice and Share Your Talk
  • Why Public Speaking Matters More Than Ever
  • BONUS PREVIEW: Adam Grant on Developing Original Ideas

You can find more details on the course or purchase the same by clicking here.

3. Speak like a Pro – Public Speaking for Professionals


Jennifer Hennings’ Speak Like a Pro – Public Speaking for Professionals is a course that although sounds like only for professionals, can be undertaken by anyone and everyone who wants to learn. The course is not too overwhelming and yet manages to touch upon every aspect of public speaking in the correct measure.

The best elements of the course

1. Understanding why pubic speaking is important – I have honestly not seen a lot of courses that strive to address and explain this.

2. Analyse your audience – The need to understand the people you are going to speak to and to write and mold your structure accordingly.

3. Structure your content – How to use the power of three narratives and then add an introduction and a conclusion to support it. How to think on your feet – It’s not always that we have enough time to prep for a speech or presentation.

Thinking spontaneously is one of the most important skills and most courses tend to ignore it. This course however has a dedicated module on it.

Jennifer Hennings is a graduate in Education and Communication Studies from Stanford University and has been training individuals and teams at companies like Apple, Google, Pfizer, etc. Her carefully designed and administered course will leave beginners with ample knowledge to start with.

Skills you will learn

  1. How to analyse your audience
  2. How to structure your content
  3. How to think spontaneously
  4. How to manage speech anxiety

Tell them what you are going to tell them, then tell them, and then tell them what you have told them.

jennifer hennings

Duration – 1 hour 13 minutes


  1. Why public speaking matters
  2. Analyze your audience
  3. Structure your content
  4. Tell your story
  5. Delivery skills
  6. Think and Speak on your feet
  7. Manage your speech anxiety

You can find more details on the course or purchase the same by clicking here.

Public Speaking Courses – Intermediate Level

4. Become Better and Funnier at Public Speaking


One of the toughest aspects of public speaking is the incorporation of humor in one’s speeches. It is something that often leaves even the most experienced speakers baffled.

David Nihil’s “Become Better and Funnier at Public Speaking” is a course on understanding how one can seamlessly incorporate humor. The two elements of the course that struck out for me were

The exercises – The course comes with explanations and exercises that supplement it ensuring that the learning is complete.

Focus on other aspects – The course not only lays emphasis on how to write humor but also deliver it the right way.

It also talks about rehearsed spontaneity which is the single most important thing in humorous speaking and how to control the audience.

The course instructor David Nihil is the co-founder of FunnyBizz, a community, writer platform, and conference series where business meets humor to abolish boring content.

His work has been featured in Huffington Post, The Wall Street Journal, TED, Forbes, etc.

In this course, he brings his expertise and experience to enable everyone to better deliver humorous content more effectively.

Skills you will learn

  1. How to weave together narratives and humour
  2. How to deliver humour
  3. How to control the audience

I truly believe we are all funny

david nihil

Duration – 3 hour 15 minutes


  1. Start with a story
  2. Add humour to the story
  3. Write funny
  4. Delivery
  5. Rehearsed spontaneity
  6. Control the audience

You can find more details on the course or purchase the same by clicking here.

5. Storytelling for Public Speaking


For anyone who has been a student of public speaking, they will know how integral it is to weave stories to any speech but also how difficult it is to do so. Alex Glod’s course aims to make storytelling a little easy for beginners.

The course introduces not only how to write stories but also how to deliver them for greater impact. It has exercises for vocal variety and quizzes to better facilitate your learning.

Alex Glod is a Trainer and TEDx Speaker. In the past 6 years, he has trained over 2500 people in Public Speaking, Storytelling, and Leadership in countries from both Europe and Asia.

In this course, he brings his best secrets to spice up your storytelling abilities.

Skills you will learn

  1. How to weave narratives
  2. How to use your voice for greater impact
  3. How to analyse your audience

A story requires context, action and results

alex glod

Duration – 2 hours and 21 minutes


  1. What is your Story?
  2. Who is your audience?
  3. How to craft stories?
  4. How to tell stories?
  5. Refining the craft

You can find more details on the course or purchase the same by clicking here.

6. How to be a Motivational Speaker?


If you thought motivating the audience is as simple as telling them the story of your struggle and how you overcame it, you are mistaken.

Motivating the audience takes a lot more than that. T.J. Walker’s course aims to systematically address this concern.

He begins by explaining to the audience how to improve their communication skills. The next modules aim to introduce how to ensure you have a motivating message and then how to write and deliver it.

The best aspect of the course is the fact that it aims to address how to deliver a speech well. It talks about stagecraft, how to rehearse right, and how to review.

T.J. Walker has been training Presidents, Members of Parliament, Nobel Prize winners, US Senators, etc for the past thirty years. In this course, he shares his tactics and tips.

Skills you will learn

  1. How to find the message you want to share
  2. How to write it
  3. How to practice right

You are trying to connect to people more emotionally than intellectually

T.J. Walker

Duration – 1 hour


  1. You are the message
  2. The secret to life
  3. Performance

You can find more details on the course or purchase the same by clicking here.

7. Impromptu Extempore Public Speaking


As someone who has been a student of public speaking for almost two years now, I know the struggle that comes with impromptu speaking. The course was a delight simply because it meticulously brought forth six different techniques of impromptu speaking and explained how to use each one.

The best aspect of the course was the end where the concept of idiomatic and proverbial language and how to incorporate that in impromptu speaking is discussed.

More often than not, in impromptu speaking we are given a quote and then we don’t how to progress from there. Here, he shares techniques that can help one navigate their way out.

Deepak Varma is an Advanced Communicator at Toastmasters International and a winner of multiple speech contests, table topics contest, regional winner at the International Speech Contest. An avid and fluent speaker, Varma is now by profession a leadership coach and trainer. 

Skills you will learn

  1. How to mentally prepare for impromptu speaking
  2. The six techniques of speaking
  3. How to use idiomatic language to grip the audience

Mark Twain once said, It usually takes me three weeks to prepare for an impromptu speech

Duration– 1 hour


  1. Welcome to impromptu extempore speaking
  2. Creating the right mindset for an impromptu speaking speech
  3. Technique 1 – EBC
  4. Technique 2 – PREP
  5. Technique 3- PPF
  6. Technique 4 – PCS
  7. Technique 5- OSOSCP
  8. Technique 6 – Third Alternative
  9. Technique 7 -Idiom and quote related speeches

You can find more details on the course or purchase the same by clicking here.

Public Speaking Courses – Advanced Level

8. How to Drastically Reduce Time on Speech Preparation


For everyone who has ever attempted learning public speaking in their lives, they know of two things

1.      Often, there isn’t a lot of time one has to prep before a college/business presentation

2.      Even if there is time, it always seems less because of the sheer amount of work needed to prepare for a speech.

T.J. Walker aims to show all that it takes to effectively, efficiently and quickly prep for a speech. My biggest fear getting into this course was that in a bid to quicken the process I didn’t want to leave out any important elements of public speaking.

Thankfully, the course ensures that it doesn’t tamper with it. The need for a message and how to draft it hasn’t been done away with.

Walker aims to ensure that he gives his students tips on how to quicken the process without dampening on the essentials involved.

Another plus point of the course is the added emphasis on giving the right examples. This course is a must for all, students and professionals since it will be of immense value to them in terms of quickening the painful prep process.

TJ Walker has been training Presidents, Members of Parliament, Nobel Prize winners, US Senators etc. for the past thirty years. This time he brings his expertise in a quick course to quickly teach about how to quicken the preparatory process.


Skills you will learn

  1. How to find the message you want to give
  2. How to find the correct set of examples to support your points
  3. How to reduce your prep time

Have an example, case study stories for each one of your message points

t.j. walker

Duration -1 hour


  1. Time Management
  2. How to give a great presentation
  3. Practice right

You can find more details on the course or purchase the same by clicking here.

9. Master Storytelling


Storytelling is one of the most important, enthralling yet challenging parts of any speech. It’s that part that ensures you can drive your point into the minds of your audience. Dough Stevenson’s course is aimed at teaching just that. It is a meticulously structured course outlining every aspect of storytelling.

The best aspects of the course are 

1.      The Story Theatre method – Dough Stevenson is the creator of the Story Theatre Method wherein he lays importance on how using elements from theatre one can weave a stronger story with better results in business presentations 

2.      Choice and structure of the story – We are all made up of different kinds of stories but it’s only when you share the right story with the right audience at the right time that will yield the right effect. The course aims to teach how to choose the right story and how to write it.  

3.      How to present a story – Most courses aim at explaining how to write stories the right way and stop post that. This course also shows what is the correct way to present them. It discusses how to nurture the power of silence, how to perform a telephonic conversation, a two-way conversation, etc. 

4.      Other elements of public speaking – Even though it is a course on storytelling, there is an entire section dedicated to understanding the supporting elements of public speaking like connecting with the audience, self-esteem, and confidence, managing emotions, etc. 

Doug Stevenson is the founder and president of Story Theatre International, a speaking, training and consulting company, now based in Tucson, Arizona. His company trains thousands of professionals and executives each year, for clients that include Microsoft, Oracle, Volkswagen, Hewlett Packard, and others.  Here, he brings his wisdom and knowledge in a bid to leave us all as better storytellers.

Skills you will learn

  1. How to identify the correct story to tell
  2. How to write a story
  3. How to present a story

I am talking about becoming an amazing storyteller, the kind that mesmerizes and captivates his audience.

dough stevenson

Duration – 5 hours and 10 minutes


  1. Introduction
  2. Choosing your story
  3. The nine steps of story structure
  4. Crafting your story
  5. Branding your point to make it stick
  6. Presenting your stories
  7. The inner game of speaking
  8. Story modules

You can find more details on the course or purchase the same by clicking here.

10. Public Speaking and Presentations Pro


Jason Teteak’s course is one of a kind aimed solely at advanced speakers. It tackles challenges and issues that often plague those who have been doing this for a long time. This is Teteak’s passion project and he calls this Dazzle. Dazzle is a 13-module program wherein he discusses the top 117 public speaking tips and tricks to constitute the best speakers. It is an extremely rigorous course and almost aims to touch upon every concept possible right from how to write right to how to deliver well. Some of the best features of the course are

1. How to create a PowerPoint – We have all been here. We need power points to ensure that we don’t forget our points but are scared that it may distract the audience. Advanced speakers need to master the art of playing nondistractive power points in the background. This is a very important skill but yet somehow always not touched upon.

2. How to build a relationship with the audience- This is also of great importance. As public speakers, it is of extreme importance to build a connection with the audience. It is important to understand how to do this the right way for immediate and effective results.

Thus, this course promises to be a great learning experience for any advanced level speaker wanting to clean out the lesser-seen ripples and become better.

Skills you will learn

  1. How to write right
  2. How to sound confident
  3. How to win your audience

I’m going over all practical stuff that you can use stuff you can use tomorrow. You’re going to get hundreds of things today. 

Jason Teteak

Duration – 4 hours and 16 minutes


  1. Open Well
  2. Delivery skills
  3. Audience Management

For more information on the course or to purchase the same you can click here.

Public Speaking Courses on Udemy for Media Professionals

11. Public Speaking and Presenting at Work


Public speaking is by far the most important skill for professionals who constantly have to keep making presentations. Joeel and Natalie Rivera bring a short course on how to better presentation skills for working professionals.

There are dedicated modules on understanding how to develop confidence, how to command a room better, how to develop memory and exercises to ensure that etc.

 Joeel Rivera is a former psychology professor with a master’s degree in Counseling and Education. Using the science of psychology and human potential, they train leading edge entrepreneurs, leaders, life coaches, and individuals how to master the power of their mind and create their destiny.

Skills you will learn

  1. What are the different type of presentations?
  2. How to use verbal and nonverbal communication effectively
  3. How to prep for your presentation

You will learn how to light up the room when you enter and command the attention of the audience and all in the room.

Joeel and natalie rivera

Duration – 2 hours and 33 minutes


  1. Developing Confidence
  2. Presentation Skills
  3. Audience Engagement
  4. Planning your presentations
  5. Running meetings and groups

You can find more details on the course or purchase the same by clicking here.

12. Media Training and Public Speaking Training for Candidates


While for most, public speaking is an essential skill that can help them elevate their careers, for those who run for public office, it is the single most thing that can make their career. T.J. Walker presents one of the best courses that aim at solely teaching public office aspirants on how to conduct themselves as good speakers.

The course is an all in all instruction into how one should write, practice, and rehearse a speech. It addresses issues like whether one should memorize, how to address a heckler etc.

The best part about the course is the fact that aims to also look into issues like how should one address should they have made an error while speaking, how to correctly use a teleprompter, and other such specific needs of public office aspirants.

A course like this is a must for anyone who is either an existing public servant looking to improve their skills or someone who is aspiring to be one.

The last section of the course teaches the most important lesson, how to be media-ready. As people who are in the limelight all the time knowing how to tactfully handle the media is a skill that will always come in handy for them.

It seeks to empower them with things like how to dress for an interview, how to smile right, how to sit in an interview, how to frame media messages, and a few things on sound bites.

T.J. Walker has been training Presidents, Members of Parliament, and U.S. Senators for three decades now and this is one of the best people to learn from. This course promises to leave all aspirants and existing officers with a greater command over their speech-making abilities.

Skills you will learn

  1. How to write, prepare and pace a speech
  2. How to tell stories
  3. How to face and handle the media seamlessly

Great political leaders understand that it is not about what interests them, it is what is of relevance to the audience

t.j. walker

Duration – 4 hours 40 minutes


  1. Win the campaign by communicating the best message
  2. Win votes every single time you speak in public
  3. How to tell stories
  4. Media training
  5. Media training – how to look best on camera
  6. Media training – messaging
  7. Media training – how to answer questions
  8. Media training – sound bites

You can find more details on the course or purchase the same by clicking here.

13. Achieve BIG in Career by Enhancing Public Speaking Skills


Praveen Wadalkar’s course on public speaking doesn’t aim to touch upon anything that is not said or done before, yet it stands out primarily because of the way in which he deals with certain concepts. The course begins with a lesson on unlearning the myths about public speaking and then progresses to talk about public speaking.

Some of the remarkable ideas covered in the course include

1.      Stage as an element – Most courses don’t teach how the stage can be used in a variety of ways.

2.      It’s not about English – Most people often believe that public speaking is always about English whereas it has nothing to do with the language. One can become an accomplished speaker in any language that they desire.

3.      How to end right – there is a lot said and done about how to begin right but very little on how to end right. Your ending also has to be as impactful as your start. 

Apart from this, the course touches upon all other elements of public speaking like body language, pace, etc. Praveen Wadalkar is a nine-time TEDx Speaker and is deeply passionate about making the craft of public speaking more accessible to everyone. In this course, he aims to do just that and ensures that he makes it more palatable for everyone.

Skills you will learn

  1. The correct structure for a speech or presentation
  2. How to use body language effectively
  3. How to end a presentation

The key is, how you connect with yourself

praveen wadalkar

Duration – 3 hours and 25 minutes


  1. Course outline and background
  2. Quick unlearning before learning
  3. One incident or one story can change the way you speak on the stage
  4. 4 ways of hooking your audience even before you speak
  5. 6 highly effective methods of starting any presentation or speech
  6. 5 methods of effective body language on stage
  7. 3 methods of improving vocal variety
  8. 2 highly effective methods of ending a presentation

You can find more details on the course or purchase the same by clicking here.

Public Speaking Courses on Udemy for Kids and Students

14. Public Speaking for Kids (&Parents) – Kids can speak


A certified public speaking course designed especially for children in the Elementary section and taught by another student their age was meat enough for me to check it out.

Udemy’s Public Speaking for Kids is indeed a great course not only for elementary school children but also for kids above that age and adults too who are wishing to learn more about public speaking.

It is taught by a young seven-year-old YouTuber called Rossa Walker. The entire course consists of eleven sections and the last few have famed public speaking coach, TJ Walker comes in and do a couple of sections.

Two of the best attributes of the course are

1.      It prescribes assignments – Considering that public speaking is a skill best learned when practiced, this course has a series of assignments that require the students to record themselves and share. 

2.      The specificity of the syllabus – there are sections in the syllabus that deal with situations that will need a young child to speak in. For eg, “How to Speak to the Waitstaff at the Restaurant”, “How to introduce yourself”, “Show and Tell’s can be fun too” etc.

Considering that a lot of young kids are enamored by the world of YouTube and want to have their own channels, the course addressing that, is also a bonus.

The Q&A with TJ at the end is also an excellent way to ensure that if there are adults who are taking this program their queries will also be addressed.

Skills you will learn

  1. How to introduce yourself
  2. How to address a message in a speech
  3. How to channel emotions in a speech
  4. How to practice right to be a comfortable speaker
  5. How to sort basic negative body language issues
  6. How to persuade your audience

What do you want to accomplish when you speak? That’s the first thing you want to figure out every time you speak.

t.j. walker

Duration – 1 hour


  1. You don’t have to be an adult to be a public speaker
  2. Practice your way to becoming a comfortable speaker
  3. Most common problems and how to solve them
  4. Special speaking situations

You can find more details on the course or purchase the same by clicking here.

15. Public Speaking for College Students: Become a Great Speaker


As college students, most of us have been in positions where we have been asked to get up in front of the class and present of any given topic. Some of these presentations were impromptu and some well researched, yet most of the times we failed to make an impact.

This is due to a lack of basic understanding of Public Speaking. TJ Walker’s “Public Speaking for College Students” is a great course, to begin with primarily because

1.      Seeks to address student needs – The course is focused on teaching students how to become effective public speakers in basically every situation that they might face.

These include how to present research papers and dissertations, how to summarise review papers and reports, how to ask for a pay rise at their part-time job, how to raise funds for their volunteering work etc.  A course that deals so specifically with all these is a rarity and that’s what makes this course fruitful for the students. 

2.      The Video assignments – Public Speaking unlike a lot of other subjects is not something that one can read on and listen to people talk on and master. It requires practice.  The idea of having the students turn in videos of them speaking on a topic is a good exercise and ensures that students remember what they learnt. 

There is a section where the students are requested to review their own video, strive to understand where they went wrong, and work towards fixing it. This ensures that students learn the importance of video recording themselves and gauge a basic understanding of non-verbal and verbal stylistics. 

Considering that effective public speaking is fast becoming a must-needed skill this course is a great one, to begin with, especially for college students who constantly have to make presentations.

Skills you will learn

  1. How to introduce yourself effectively
  2. The need to have goals before every presentation.
  3. How to accomplish these goals
  4. How to choose relevant examples and stories
  5. How to take constructive criticism

Public Speaking is you talking, trying to get someone else in the audience whether it’s one other person or fifty or five thousand to understand you, remember your message so they can take some kind of action.

t.j. walker

Duration -1 hour


  1. You can become a great speaker while in college
  2. How to make any presentation on any topic come alive
  3. Practice in the least amount of time possible

You can find more details on the course or purchase the same by clicking here.

16. Public Speaking for Kids and Teens


Udemy’s “Public Speaking for Kids and Teens” is a course that aims to break down the very basics of Public Speaking for kids. The course has sections that specifically cater to eye contact, building confidence, hand gesture, body language, and stage fright. The first section is titled “What is Public Speaking” that aims to start from the start. Two of the most remarkable features of the course are

1.      Use of visuals – Along with the teacher speaking in the video there are quite a few visuals used. The images and graphics make it easy to grab and eventually retain the attention of children which is very fickle.

2.      Exercises – The exercises are not too many and short and there is time given in the video lesson itself for the kids to do it without pausing the video. This ensures that the kids don’t lose their attention while they are learning. 

Helmed by a young girl called Athira, the course promises to be a firm beginning into the world of public speaking primarily because it aims to start with the very basics of the lessons in public speaking.

The fact that the teacher is a young teenager herself, is also a plus point since the students feel a certain connection that will enable the learning to happen faster.

Skills you will learn

  1. How to make better eye contact
  2. How to be more confident
  3. How to use the correct hand gestures
  4. How to use the correct body language
  5. How to overcome stage fright

In order for you to be able to do Public Speaking, we will also teach you how to be more confident in yourself which is very very important


Duration – 30 minutes


  1. What is Public Speaking?
  2. Eye Contact
  3. Building Confidence
  4. Hand Gesture
  5. Body Language
  6. Stage Fright

You can find find more details on the course or purchase the same here.

17. Public Speaking for Parents – Teach your kids to present in 1 hour


TJ Walker’s Public Speaking for Parents is a course that aims to get parents to sit with their children and teach them the basics of public speaking. It is an extremely interesting course where TJ Walker walks his students (the parents here) on the tips and tricks to making their children better public speakers.

What makes this course truly remarkable is the fact that the teacher, TJ Walker shares his own personal experience of grooming his very shy daughter to become a public speaker.

His experience of how never critiquing his daughter but always focusing on reiterating her strengths to push her to be better is a very clever tactic and he shares quite a few of them. The resources attached along with the videos like the check sheet defining basic elements of public speaking etc are helpful as well.

Out and out, for a one-hour course, this one seems fun and yet enriching in terms of educating, and eventually it can be a chance to spend some quality time with your kids.

Skills you will learn

  1. Basics of Public Speaking
  2. How to critique the right way
  3. How to prepare your child for presentations

Public Speaking isn’t just taught in most schools and if it is taught it is poorly taught.

t.j. walker

Duration -1 hour


  1. How to help your child become a confident and clear communicator
  2. How to help your kids rehearse for presentations and speeches
  3. Techniques to help improve your kids speaking skills

You can find more details on the course or purchase the same by clicking here.

Public Speaking Courses on Udemy for Those with Less Time

18. Enhance your Speaking Voice


Marina Deestan – Jones’ “Enhance your Speaking Voice” is a course on understanding how vocal variety works and how to use your voice effectively to better the impact of your speech. The first lesson starts with understanding what is the speaking voice and how the voice works.

It then goes on to explain in detail how certain breathing exercises and techniques can help elevate or depress your voice and how clarity and pitch are also important and need to be worked upon.

Honestly, for a course that promises to be a basic one on vocal variety, this is a pretty comprehensive one that leaves the student with all the information they need to start with.

Marina Deestan – Jones’ experience as a vocal, speech, and drama tutor along with the thoughtfully structured exercises make this a must-do course for everyone struggling with understanding vocal variety and how to implement it.

Skills you will learn

  1. The connection between body posture and breathing and its’ impact on speaking
  2. The need for clear articulation
  3. Understanding pitch and how to bring about variations
  4. Understanding resonance and tone colour

Whoever we are, whatever we do, our voice is the most effective way of reaching out to someone.

marina deestan

Duration – 2 hours 32 minutes


  1. Introduction
  2. How voice works
  3. Body and Breath
  4. Vocal Clarity
  5. Techniques for Vocal Delivery

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19. Public Speaking Crash Course! Fast Paced


Udemy’s crash course on public speaking for busy professionals promises to introduce as well as hone the skill that is in demand the most – Public Speaking. It has a meticulously structured syllabus that ensures it covers all aspects of public speaking skills – understanding what it is, how to craft a speech, and the right way to deliver one.

The best part about the course is its dealing with the aspect of delivery. This course talks about not only the correct way of delivering but also what is the correct way to practice.

The only drawback of this course is the fact that it will only cater better to people who have learnt public speaking either in school/college or elsewhere. A complete noob to it might find the pace a little fast and the content-heavy. Apart from this, the detail with which this course deals with most aspects is commendable.

Skills you will learn

  1. How to craft different kinds of speeches
  2. The right way to research before a speech
  3. The correct way to practice a speech

Think about what your message is going to do for your audience. What benefits are they going to get from what you have to say

Duration – 4 hours


  1. Complete Public Speaking course for High Impact results – includes materials on how to craft the perfect speech etc.
  2. Short Refresher course 1 – includes notes on how to effectively deliver your message
  3. Short Refresher course 2 – includes notes on how to practice right etc.

You can find more details on the course or purchase the same by clicking here.

Public Speaking Courses on Udemy for Teachers

20. Teacher Training – Teach the Perfect Lecture that Students Love


We have all been in lectures where the teacher is an exceptionally brilliant one yet fails to keep our attention. Jason Teteak’s Teacher Training program is one of the best tools that will aid teachers to become better communicators.

The program includes different sections, and each aims to address a specific need of students. This is perhaps the best part of the program.

The course aims to help the teacher better understand the tips and tricks of how one can use their voice, tone, etc to keep the attention of the class and to ensure that you make a presentation effective enough for it to go through their minds.

The course can be undertaken by teachers of all levels – from kindergarten ones to professors of universities. Jason Teteak is an International Public Speaking Coach, a TEDx Speaker, and best-selling author of Rule the Room. He has developed so far more than fifty communication and teaching models. His experience and the ability to craft a deft syllabus will leave the teachers with fruitful learning.

Skills you will learn

  1. How to effectively use your voice
  2. How to hold the attention span of your students
  3. How to handle questions
  4. How to pace a class right
  5. How to make learning enjoyable

Don’t try to lecture like someone else

jason teteak

Duration -1 hour 30 minutes


  1. Captivate your students
  2. Stay in control
  3. Make it enjoyable

You can find more details on the course or purchase the same here.

21. Teacher Training – Teachers can be Great Speakers


T.J. Walker’s course on making teachers better communicators is a well-conceptualized and executed one. He aims to draw the attention of his students to how they can make certain concepts easy and memorable for students.

His idea of getting the students to focus on the top five principals in a class and how to get the teachers to do it is a great trick and he has a bunch of these in the course

The best part about this course is the fact that just like other T.J. Walker courses this one also comes with video assignments ensuring that the learning is completed.

The last section which is the Q and A has T.J. Walker answer them in a video so that he can better explain the vocal variety and how to pace in a room the right way. This makes it more fruitful.

Skills you will learn

  1. How to present better
  2. How to weave narratives
  3. How to make a boring topic interesting

The human memory is much more of an image processor than it is a word processor or a number processor.

t.j. walker

Duration – 1 hour 20 minutes


  1. Great Teachers captivate their students
  2. The Engaging Lecture Process
  3. Practice

You can find more details on the course or purchase the same by clicking here.

Public Speaking Courses on Udemy for Content Creators

22. Delivery Skills for Online Content Creators


We are all surrounded by content creators and a lot of us also aspire to be like them. This course aims to cater to both these categories.

It covers a variety of aspects, teaching them everything they need to know – using the right tone, how to express to the camera and look genuine, how to use different postures effectively etc.

The most alluring aspect of the course it the fact that it is not over informative in any of its aspects.

For eg, while explaining the different voice variations, the teacher also enlists certain other things to keep in mind like what expressions usually aid that tone. This betters the understanding without making it too heavy for a noob.

Taught by International trainer Fahad Farook, the course has been designed in a way that it can help all – someone who is just starting out, and someone who has been on the scene for a while.

Skills you will learn

  1. They type of tone and which ones to use when
  2. How to effectively use hand gestures and expressions in a virtual medium
  3. How to use your posture in front of the camera

Great content is great but excellent delivery makes it so much better

fahad farook

Duration – 30 minutes


  1. Voice variations for online video
  2. Facial expressions for digital content
  3. Hand gestures on camera
  4. Postures on camera

You can find more details on the course or purchase the same by clicking here.

23. How to be a Virtual Summit Speaker


The virtual medium has become the new reality and to better embrace it, Wendy Kier has put together this course. Keir’s course is a short one that in within an hour aims to arm its students with all the information they need about what are virtual summits and what does one needs to ace them.

The course also deals on how one should focus on getting high-value leads and then turning them into customers

Out and out, for an hour course, this one promises to be a good introduction to the world of virtual summits and how to sustain in it, make the most of it and grow with it.

Skills you will learn

  1. What are virtual summits
  2. How to get high-value leads
  3. How to turn potential leads into customers

Summits are based on a collaborative working model which means every summit speaker involved plays a key role in the process

Duration -1 hour 5 minutes


  1. What is a virtual summit and how will it benefit me?
  2. What your talk needs to be focused on to get the best high value leads
  3. How to turn your high value leads into becoming a customer
  4. Virtual summit speakers’ professional standards

You can find more details on the course or purchase the same by clicking here.

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