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11 Strengths and Weaknesses in Communication

Communication is an inevitable part of our lives. Every day, we are bound to interact and communicate with others. This makes it essential to understand one’s strengths and weaknesses in communication. Communication is not just limited to verbal interaction but also includes other aspects like body language, listening skills, tone, and more. Despite communicating daily,

Can communication skills be taught

Can Communication Skills be Taught?

Yes! Communication skills can be taught. However, the manner in which you adopt the communication skills learned differs from others. The difference is due to factors like one’s upbringing, school environment, interaction with friends, and more. These are the very forces that either limit or enhance one’s communication skills overall. Communicating is one of the

How does a College speech class work?

College speech classes are an effective way to master the art of public speaking. These classes differ from one to another. However, they include a variety of speeches, beginning from the basic ones to the complex ones, i.e. maybe research projects. Moreover, students are made aware of all the aspects of an effective speech i.e.

How Long should a Speech be?

Speeches are of different kinds, consequently, their lengths differ as well. For instance, 1 – 2 minutes for an impromptu speech, while giving a toast at a birthday party or a wedding. On the other hand, speeches in TED talks usually make people lose interest if they go beyond 15 – 18 minutes. And speeches

Communication vs Information: What’s the Difference?

The words “Communication” and “Information” are often used in a way that they might correspond to each other. However, they are completely disparate, in both the literal way and in their application. To describe communication vs information, the former is a reciprocal process. It takes place when two or more people establish a dialogue between

Can You Learn To Be A Public Speaker At Any Age

Yes, public speaking can be learned at any age. It’s an area of learning which does not have any obstacles in its way to acquiring it, especially not age. It is an art that anyone can possess at any time in their lives. Whether you are a kid, teenager or an adult, it should really

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