A Mission To Make The Lives Of Students Easier

Parth Jain is the co-founder of Study Sid, an online portal that connects students to the best tutoring and coaching institutions.

Over the past 5 years, Study Sid has become one of the best utilities for a student looking to get the best deals to pursue their education goals.

Being funded twice for 2.65 Crores, Study Sid is on the road to becoming the future of bridging the gap between students and tutors – and Parth is at the forefront of this madness.

But there’s a problem.

Ever since Parth started his company, he’s been struggling to sell: Sell to students, sell to coaching institutes, sell to investors.

Lacking The “Once Upon Time”

It’s not that he’s not managed to do it, but as Parth quoted,

“before every big pitch, I would get a feeling inside of me which I just did not confident about. I would keep wondering what could go wrong and for some reason, couldn’t find the right words to say that would make the sale.”

Digging Deeper

Our past client, Kush, introduced Parth to Frantically Speaking and he signed up for the free consultation call.

At first appearance, it seemed like there was nothing to work on. Parth spoke articulately, with no fear or hesitation in his voice and he seemed to really know his stuff.

But soon, we uncovered the issue. It was staring us right in the face.

While Parth spoke clearly and conveyed the correct information with regard to his company, the missing piece of the puzzle, which we see in almost every founder, was STORYTELLING.

Joining The Dots

Parth enrolled for the 3 month 1-to-1 course. We chartered out a customized plan for him that would help him craft his story for all the stakeholders he needed to persuade to make his company a success.

After 3 months, we had it all down.

We crafted the stories and added nuances with regard to his body language, voice modulation, and heuristic wordings which helped the stories sound all the more compelling.

Parth reportedly increased his sales by getting more students to apply by a staggering 12% increase in his conversion rate. Of course, he passed down his learnings to his sales team which helped with this increase.

He also closed another round of funding right after the completion of the program.

If I’ve not said it enough time already, I’ll say it again: Storytelling works.

And it can work for you just as well.

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