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Public Speaking

Importance of Public Speaking in Everyday Life

Public Speaking helps you master skills that can benefit you in everyday life. It can help you form connections by expressing yourself clearly. It can reduce anxiety when you socialise. It can also help you have a strong presence and persuade people to get things done. What are the three types of public speaking in

Leaving a Zoom Meeting

How to Politely End a Zoom Call: 5 Easy Ways

The best way to end a zoom call is by letting others know beforehand that you need to leave at a particular time, along with the reason. When that is not possible, you can drop a text or unmute, let them know that you need to leave and for what reason, apologize for the inconvenience,

5 Practical Tips to Improve your Confidence

Confidence, an intangible asset Confidence is an intangible asset in our life, which helps in representing our knowledge, and us in trying out new things, and of course, we all know the importance of it. But how do we improve our confidence to take the leap and grow in our lives? I have compiled 5

Practicing before presentations

Best ways to practice for a presentation

Practice and presentations Practice makes a man perfect, and that phrase rings true while preparing for presentations. So how many times should you practice getting it right? The general benchmark that is known as the magic 10 is considered standard is practicing at least 10 times right from the first slide till the end. That

6 Reasons Why Your Zoom Meetings Are So Awkward

In this era of technical advancement, everyone uses Zoom, be it awkward zoom meetings or chatting with friends. Moreover, video and audio chat have made it simple for us to stay in touch with our loved ones, coworkers, and clients and continue to maintain relationships with face-to-face interaction. Although we adore Zoom and are incredibly

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