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Powerful 2 Minute Speech Topics: A-Z Guide (With 200+ Examples)

It is often believed that giving a 2-Minute Speech is the most challenging form of public speaking because of the time constraint. But here I am to tell you that there is something even more challenging than giving a 2-minute speech. And that is finding a powerful 2-minute speech topic! 2-minute speeches are short, crisp

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How many slides are too many for a presentation?

So, you are preparing a presentation for your next conference or event and can’t figure out how many slides are too many slides for a presentation? Then you are at the right place! According to the general rule of thumb, people prefer to use 1-2 slides per minute. This can help you figure out a

A man giving an Encore Presentation

What Is an Encore Presentation?

Imagine you are at a concert; you are having your best time when the crowd realizes that the show is about to end. In unison, you scream “once more!” which compels the artist to perform a piece again. Now when a similar thing happens with a presenter when they have to present again, it is

short presentations are presentation that have limited number of slides ranging from 12-20 and time duration ranging from 2-15 minutes

A Comprehensive Guide on Short Presentations

A short presentation is a presentation that conveys a point or a topic in brief within the span of 5 to 12 mins. It generally sticks to the main idea with a speed of 120-160 words per minute. Short presentations approximately have 12-20 slides depending on the depth of the topic and also differ in

5-minute speech topics

5-minute speech topics: Everything You Need to Know (With Examples)

Coming up with 5-minute speech topics is a more tedious task than researching, framing, and delivering your speech altogether. It is a general rule that having a fantastically written and presented speech adds less value when the speech topic isn’t interesting and effective enough. In 5-minute speeches, your topic becomes more crucial as the length

What Is a Pecha Kucha Presentation?

If you are searching for some unique way to grab the attention of your crowd and don’t want to make it tedious. I have got three words for you, Pecha Kucha Presentation. Pecha Kucha is a very visual style of presentation and is gaining popularity every hot minute. Pecha Kucha is a brief presentation style

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