The Art of Persuasion: How Public Speaking Can Boost Your Lead Generation

Public speaking for lead generation

Public Speaking Tips for Lead Generation is quite an interesting topic to consider. The accuracy of lead generation and your ability to use rich data sets can drive change and business growth. Lead management is an integral part of the process. This method is designed to ensure the continuous generation and distribution of leads through various channels, mediums, and campaigns. A survey conducted by MarketSplash revealed that the most commonly used strategies for lead generation are email (78%), content marketing (67%), and advertising at various events (73%).

Public Speaking Tips for Lead Generation

Source: MarketSplash

Speeches at dedicated industry events are very popular for a reason. It is at these events that you can clearly show all the advantages of your company and the products or services you produce. To fully express yourself, present your business, find potential clients, and persuade them to use your products, it is important to constantly improve your public speaking skills and prepare your speech thoroughly. 

In this article, we will examine the art of persuasion, some public speaking tips for lead generation, how it helps to attract potential customers, and what tools you can use to manage the collected leads.

What Is the Art of Persuasion, and What Benefits Does Public Speaking Provide to Your Business?

A brief persuasion definition: it is an active attempt by a person or organization to change the opinion or behavior of another person. A public business speech is instrumental in influencing public opinion while making arguments to explore specific issues, share your ideas, and convince your audience of their validity. 

Public speaking is a great opportunity to present yourself as a professional and share your expertise with others. But most importantly, you can make a positive impression on a target audience. In addition, such a presentation of your activities guarantees the following:

  • Increasing confidence in the company and improving its image
  • Promoting your products to new audiences
  • Building lasting relationships with potential customers and partners
  • Expanded reach and ability to make the most of new lead-generation opportunities

While it can be tempting to use third-party lead generation services, nothing beats a face-to-face conversation. As you can see, public speaking can play a significant role in your lead-generation efforts.

Preparing for Public Speaking: 5 Effective Tips

Not everyone enjoys standing in front of a large audience, so some of us may experience a fear of public speaking. To overcome it, it’s essential to practice a lot and work on positive thinking. 

The public speaking lesson you never had | DK. | TEDxNelson

Let’s look at key public speaking tips that will help you become more confident on stage, attract attention, and generate sales-ready leads:

  1. Start small. Practice speaking in front of your family or colleagues. Then, prepare the speech you will deliver at the conference and create a presentation if necessary.
  2. Keep practicing and working on your mistakes. It is important to practice regularly to enhance your public speaking skills. By practicing in front of other people, you will get an assessment of your speech and pinpoint the weak spots in your speech. All this will allow you to improve your text and presentation before the real event.
  3. Study specialized literature. For example, books like “The Art of Persuasion. Winning Without Intimidation” by Bob Burg and “The Art of Public Speaking” by Dale Carnegie will help you understand how to be more persuasive during public speaking offline and online.
  4. Contact the event organizers. Make an introduction about your business and submit it to the organizers. Once approved, finalize the date and venue, and find out when your presentation is scheduled.
  5. Prepare the necessary media tools. If you plan to accompany your speech with a presentation or sound effects, take care of the equipment in advance. Make sure to test it and rehearse it several times.

By following these simple tips for public speaking, you will be able to communicate about your business to a wide audience professionally and, as a result, attract the attention of potential customers.

How To Increase Lead Generation Through Public Speaking

Let’s start by answering, “What is lead generation?” It is the process of encouraging potential customers to explore what your business is about and spark their interest. By participating in various events, fairs, or exhibitions, you have a great chance to enhance your lead generation efforts. You can use a marketing speech combined with a presentation that reinforces your words and visually demonstrates your company’s strengths. 

Use these effective tips to strengthen your public speaking for lead generation:
Invest in self-promotion before the eventWhen applying to participate in an event, reach out to the conference organizers to have your presentation advertised in brochures and other marketing materials.
Inform your audience about your presentationShare information on your website or social media about your upcoming speaking engagement. Make sure to include a call to action, location, and time. You can also conduct a survey to see which clients/partners plan to attend and record the results in your lead management system. This way, you’ll ensure that there will be people in the audience who already know you and are interested in your products. Do not shy away from asking your colleagues and partners to spread the word.
Continue promoting your presentationUse your social media accounts to post announcements or create posts with a short presentation preview. This will significantly boost brand trust and expand your reach.
Engage your audienceDuring your presentation, you can ask the audience to perform simple actions, such as taking your business card or leaving their contact information on pre-prepared sheets, downloading your app, and more. The key is to make the call to action simple, clear, and concise.
Don’t leave the event immediatelyStay until the end to see your competitors, establish new connections, and get to know potential buyers better. For example, at marketing conferences, you can find lead generation companies that can offer valuable advice or services.
Get a list of participantsWhen participating in an event, check with the organizers if they keep a list of attendees. Having such a document on hand will make it easier to tailor your speech to the audience’s interests.

Note: Some organizers may provide a list of participants as a sponsorship privilege, i.e., for a separate fee. 

Now that you’re armed with tips for public speaking, we’ll look at how a buyer list is generated and which lead management tool to use to maximize the benefits.

How Do You Manage Leads, and What Tools Do You Need To Do It?

The lead management process requires the simultaneous involvement of both the sales and marketing departments. It is divided into four stages:

  1. Collecting and systematizing potential customers: This is where you first get information about a prospective customer. For example, it could be contacts received at an exhibition, a completed questionnaire at a conference, or registration data for a webinar. Then, you need to enter this information into lead management software or CRM and process it.
  2. Evaluation and qualification of leads: The evaluation system is usually based on location, number of visits to your website, social media interactions, and more. Once you have systematized and evaluated the collected leads, you need to qualify them. This way, you can apply appropriate strategies for customers who are interested in buying and those who are unsure about purchasing the product.

What is Lead Distribution? 

  1. Nurturing leads and moving them down the funnel: Here, your attention is focused on the most valuable leads already in your sales funnel. They may be at different stages: just considering your products, adding to their favorites, or already planning a purchase. In any case, your sales team has the task of guiding customers down the funnel, nurturing and engaging them, and striking a deal. By studying their interests, desires, and motives, you can give the best offer that will encourage them to take action.
  2. Developing an algorithm for the team to close the deal: Going through all the steps of B2C or B2B lead generation, lead assessment, qualification, and nurturing, you get customers ready to buy. This is where your team’s close collaboration and the customized deal-closing process come into play. You can optimize and facilitate it with automated tools. For example, add notes to your CRM about what attracted the lead or what they’ve previously bought from you. This way, it will be easier for employees to find customers with similar motivations and desires.

The use of tools tailored for marketing automation, as statistics show, can lead to an increase in the number of potential customers by 451%. For example, lead management systems allow you to optimize routine processes and streamline the collection of lead data.

According to a joint study by Adobe and Forrester, 73% of B2C consumers and 87% of business customers expect personalized service throughout their relationship with a company. So, by using leads management software, you free up your employees’ time for other important tasks and, in some cases, face-to-face interactions with your customers. Thus, you customize new approaches to customer service and offer them a vivid, personalized experience with your brand.

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Are You Ready To Drive Success and Get More Leads?

The art of public speaking can become the hallmark of your business. Through a well-thought-out, engaging, and interesting story about your company, you can increase your reach and resonate with potential customers. Also, by participating in events, you can promote your brand and make it more recognizable.
Apply lead management software in your work to optimize the collection, evaluation, and categorization of customers, thereby improving sales performance. Moreover, this will help establish a straightforward and seamless interaction process among your employees, both internally and externally. Many companies offering IT solutions provide lead management software for free for a specific trial period. Use this offer to determine the best tool for optimizing your business operations.

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