Overcoming public speaking anxiety: Strategies for students and educators

One of the most common fears among students and teachers is public speaking. When faced with the problem of self-expression in front of others, a person may experience anxiety or extreme nervousness. Because of it, some begin to avoid public speaking in order not to experience discomfort. However, sometimes it is necessary, especially for a student or teacher. To make it easy for a person to speak in public, there are tips and strategies for overcoming fear.

Understand your anxiety

The foremost step to overcoming public speaking worries is to understand your fear. Mainly if it occurs in an educational environment such as a school or college. When a person recognizes his reaction to these actions and realizes this is normal, he can quickly solve his problem. Everyone experiences different feelings and symptoms when performing in front of a group of other people. Having realized his anxiety, the student or the teacher can choose a correct solution to the problem to overcome his fear.

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Practice is one of the most effective methods for overcoming the fear of public speaking. It is required to train your speech or presentation as much as possible. It will help you better absorb the material and avoid discomfort in the future. If you practice in front of a mirror, you can determine which areas need improvement. It can be the tempo of the voice or the posture. You can also practice speaking in front of a small group of people you know well to gain confidence.


Visualization can help and be a powerful tool in overcoming the fear of public speaking, significantly improving education. Students and teachers who think ahead and imagine their successful performance further strengthen their confidence. It also dramatically helps to reduce the level of anxiety, which greatly helps them in the future. This method should include a mental rehearsal of the speech, including all external factors that may arise and details of the setting and audience. The better a person can visualize and think through everything, the more confident and comfortable he will feel, as well as control all his actions when it comes time to make an actual speech.

Relaxation technique

Thanks to relaxation techniques, a person can manage the physical symptoms of fear of public speaking and better focus on the lesson or classes. Generally, the best methods are deep breathing and mindfulness meditation. It allows students and teachers to significantly reduce the tension in their bodies and calm it down. Such methods make it much easier to focus on the present moment and accept thoughts without unnecessary feelings and judgments. Practicing these relaxation techniques before a speech or presentation is recommended to feel more relaxed and in control of the situation.

Audience engagement

One of the best ways to reduce public speaking anxiety is to create a sense of connection and support. This technique is especially relevant when speaking at the university. It is recommended to take some time to study the audience to understand their interests and needs. For engagement to be better, it is necessary to maintain eye contact during the speech. It will allow you to feel more confident and control the situation while significantly reducing anxiety.

Set realistic goals

One of the best methods is to set realistic goals to deal with the fear of public speaking. Instead of focusing on excellence, the student or teacher can focus on many tiny, easily achievable goals. These can include making eye contact with the audience or delivering a clear speech. By setting realistic goals, you can feel more confident and more in control when speaking, which can help reduce anxiety.


Speaking anxiety can be too severe for some students and teachers to deal with alone. Outsiders with people’s experience in this area can help in such cases. There are also mental health professionals who can offer many specialized methods for managing public speaking anxiety. Seeking help can be a valuable step in overcoming the fear of public speaking for those who need it.


Public speaking anxiety is common among people, including students and teachers. Fortunately, there are now many mods that can help overcome this fear and deal with this problem. A few of the most basic of these strategies that regularly help students and teachers are given in our article. Thanks to it, a person not only gets rid of his fear of public speaking but also gets rid of discomfort and strengthens his confidence.

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