Informative Speech Topic Ideas

Informative speeches are those where the speaker aims to enlighten the audience about a topic. Unlike in persuasive speaking, here the goal is not to get the audience to share your perspective but to just expand their knowledge on a new topic or a new dimension of an existing one.

How to Write an Informative Speech?

Understand how much information you need to share

An informative speech seems like something that is easy to write given its only masses of information that one has to throw at their audience. Wrong.

Informative speeches are one of the toughest to write because there is an abundance of information out there and the speaker has to use his discretion to choose the information that he/she can use.

This judgment again like all other types of speeches is based on an analysis of the audience and the speaker’s own knowledge about the topic.

Thus, for an informative speech, one must ensure that they pick a topic they have adequate knowledge on or are passionate about to read up on.

Structure your speech

While writing, remember to not just randomly throw heavy chunks of information to the audience. Ensure that there is a certain flow (from the basic facts to advanced knowledge in the topic) and that you don’t make it too technical unless you are dealing with academics.

Add humour

If your speech is about a heavy subject you might want to make sure you use humour and other such attention-grabbers to ensure that you don’t lose your audience.

Leave places for fillers 

Since an informative speech can get a little heavy, to ensure that your audience is not distracted, add some fillers in between. This could be a joke or a small activity that will involve your audience or a live demonstration.

Ensure that you have a filler before you are to share the most important information since the filler will aid in getting back the audience’s attention.

How to Select a Topic?

The easiest way to select a topic is to ask your audience what they would like some information on! But then, this is not possible every time.

To select a topic for an informative speech, strive to understand and analyze the kind of topics that your audience would like and what would you like to research and speak upon.

Strive to then strike a middle ground, select your topic and give it your best!!

Informative Speech Topic Ideas


  1. Are Dolphins and Porpoises the same?
  2. Characteristics of Cavachon Puppy and why they make a good family dog.
  3. What does it mean when a dog wags its tail?
  4. What makes German Shepherds hard to handle?
  5. How does having a pet reduce anxiety and improve mental health?
  6. Psychological benefits of having a Cat as a Pet
  7. Characteristics of a guinea pig and why should you get one?
  8. Is having a high maintenance pet too much of a hassle?
  9.  Impact on Training a Horse for Horse Racing
  10. How do Arctic Foxes Survive the Extreme Cold Weather Conditions?
  11.  Reasons why Cheetahs are on the Brink of Extinction
  12. How do parrots understand what humans talk?
  13. How to Protect Marine life from Ocean Pollution?
  14. Everything You Need to Know About Pugs before Getting them Home
  15. Upsides and Downsides of Getting a Hybrid Pet

Automotive Industry

  1. Electric Vehicles: The now and near future
  2. Energy-efficient engines: Way to sustainable growth
  3. Why are SUVs becoming more popular?
  4. The history of motorcars
  5. How to make your car run longer and better
  6. The evolution of motorcycles and bikes
  7. What happens to unsold new cars?
  8. How is the global automotive industry changing?
  9. Sports Cars: From Nash-Healey to Porsche 911
  10. Proper tire inflation: Must for tire maintenance
  11. How do self-driving cars work?
  12. Is the automotive industry becoming more user-friendly?
  13.  What are the disrupting trends in the automotive industry? 
  14. Are dirt bikes safe? 
  15. The drawbacks of purchasing a car


  1. How NLP can help your organization
  2. Social Media presence for a better outreach
  3. The importance of color psychology in advertising
  4. The importance of psychology of typography in advertising
  5. The need for emotionally intelligent leaders
  6. Why more transparency leads to greater employee satisfaction
  7. Is WFH leading to greater productivity
  8. Art therapy for greater productivity
  9. Why mental health leave policy should be a thing
  10. How longer weekends and shorter work hours lead to better productivity
  11. Why paternity leave is the need of the hour
  12. The need for a counsellor in offices
  13. Why runover meetings decrease productivity
  14. The importance of finding the right investors
  15. How to hire right
  16. Why grades and colleges shouldn’t be on the hiring criteria
  17. Constructive criticism leads to better performance
  18. Good listeners make great leaders
  19. Why expressing gratitude is important


  1. Why is it important to have a crisis communication team at every firm?
  2. How zoom tools can help you break radio silence in work meetings?
  3. Why less is more while creating content for digital media?
  4. The inescapable role of public speaking in pitching for startups
  5. The Guide to Having ‘Productive’ Water Cooler Conversations
  6. How listening to songs can help you level up your communications game?
  7. 5 Reasons Why Internal Communications Is The Key to Sustaining A Good Brand Image
  8. Essential Email Etiquettes that Everyone Must Know
  9. How taking feedback in a positive light helps you in your career?
  10. How Storyboarding helps you pitch your ideas in a convincing manner? 
  11. How to balance the use of jargon in an informative speech?
  12. How to get the intended tone while communicating via text?
  13. 10 Ways to Practice Active Listening in your Daily Conversations
  14. How to learn a foreign language by watching TV Series?
  15. SWOT Analysis: The Key to Developing an Effective Business Communication Strategy 


  1. Are we on the cusp of another oil crisis? 
  2. India is on its way to become a global economic power.
  3. Impact of state religion on the economic growth of a country. 
  4. Impact of a growing economy on national crime rate.
  5. Increasing minimun wage: impact on small businesses. 
  6. Effect of Coronavirus and the downfall of small business on the economy
  7. Are Economic Sanctions effective? 
  8. Contribution of immigrants to developing country’s economy. 
  9. Would widespread veganism adversely affect the world economy? 
  10. Economic effects of cartels on developing countries. 
  11. Legacy of colonialism on the Indian Economy.
  12. China’s economic growth is a model for the world.
  13. Economic growth under Monarchy vs. Democracy
  14. Could the 1929 Stock Market Crash happen again? 
  15. Income redistribution and the economy.


  1. How is the Indian education system different from the Western education system? 
  2. Importance of co-curricular activities in schools
  3. Pros and cons of online teaching
  4. Why should studying be made more practical oriented?
  5. Education: Path for a better future
  6. Advantages of higher education
  7. How can schools prepare kids for the real world?
  8. What affects the performance of kids in school?
  9. Significance of compulsory attendance
  10. Homeschooling: Benefits and drawbacks
  11. How is literacy different from education?
  12. What does the future of the education industry look like?
  13. How does Switzerland have the best education system?
  14. Inclusive education: Motto for all schools
  15. Why should counselors be made mandatory in schools? 


  1. Importance of sustainable development 
  2. Veganism and the environment
  3. Climate change and its impact
  4. Ways to manage E-waste
  5. Global warming and ways to prevent it
  6. Loss of biodiversity: Concern for everyone
  7. The effects of cruising on the environment
  8. Renewable energies: The future of the planet
  9. Should Carbon tax be implemented?
  10. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle: Mantra for a better future
  11. Ocean acidification: Major concern for environmentalists
  12. Loss of tropical rainforests and its impact
  13. Importance of environmental studies in schools/colleges
  14. Genetically modified plants and their benefits
  15. Organic farming and its advantages


  1. This is how therapy changed my life
  2. How is obesity invitation to a host of problems?
  3. How Veganism changed my life. 
  4. The benefits of fireless cooking for your diet.
  5. Mindfulness: A revolution of our century. 
  6. Shell shock: Effects of war on the human brain.
  7. Teenage Depression VS Adult Depression
  8. How do children with DOWN syndrome learn to talk?
  9. The ‘ups’ and ‘downs’ of chemical imbalance caffeine causes. 
  10. The unsexiness of sex education. 
  11. The shocking mechanism of hunger.
  12. How walking on grass improves your mental health.
  13. Let’s talk caffeine! (The biological effects of tea & coffee)
  14. Alice in wonderland. Not the story, the syndrome. 
  15. Does plastic surgery give you a NEW body or a damaged one?
  16. Don’t forget THIS before you go in for surgery
  17. A daily 3 liters of water is equal to taking care of 70% of you. 
  18. Foods that make you smarter
  19. Why dieting is keeping you unfit.
  20. Should you sign up for health insurance?
  21. This is how yoga changed my life. 
  22. 30 Days of surviving on 4 hours of sleep. 
  23. The aftereffects of giving up an addiction.
  24. How must a child be introduced to meat in their diet?
  25. Daily affirmations transformed my life, and here’s how they can transform yours too. 
  26. The aftermath of labour and pregnancy. 
  27. Excercise less for better results
  28. How to discipline yourself to go to the gym at least thrice a week if you’re a busy person?
  29. First aid and other health kits to ALWAYS carry while traveling. 


  1. Dinner time helps you understand your kid better
  2. Communicating with kids is a skill
  3. Life is unpredictable, family time is precious
  4. Ways to instill self-confidence among children
  5. More screen time, less emotional connect
  6. What can raising hands do to your child’s mental health
  7. More picnics and traveling, more bonding
  8. Be transparent with your kids. It can shape your child’s behavior
  9. Subtle ways to build self-confidence among children
  10. Teach your child these basic life skills and see how it transforms them
  11. Why teach your kid’s decision-making skills at an early age
  12. Negative effects of not teaching your kids to differentiate types of abuses
  13. Ways a parent’s Bad/aggressive behavior affect a child
  14. Identify the subtle signs of your child unusual behavior with these 
  15. Control your kid’s screen time with these 3 ways


  1. What is National debt and how does it affect commoners?
  2. How does the Euro affect the Dollar?
  3. How is renting a house smarter than buying one?
  4. Our love-hate relationship with crypto
  5. How do venture capitalists shape a startup?
  6. Financial inclusion: A way to reduce inequality
  7. Effects of Covid-19 on private equity
  8. Fintech borrowing and its dark side
  9. Different loan types that you ought to know
  10. Anchor investors: A value creator for IPOs
  11. What is currency hedging in Emerging markets?
  12. Closing the wage gap: Our answer to the poverty crisis
  13. Microfinancing: A friend of SMEs
  14. The perks of corporate budgeting
  15. Reasons behind failure of hedge funds
  16. The know-how of investing
  17. Does venture capital attract human capital?
  18. What are non-performing assets and how to deal with them?
  19. How and why did sub-prime loans come into effect?
  20. Blockchain: The future of finance
  21. Role of insurance in financial planning
  22. Why do firms overpay for bad acquisitions?
  23. How can the banking industry decrease the impact of a financial crisis?
  24. How can speculations undermine the stability of banking?
  25. Financial markets and their importance
  26. Budget system and its pros and cons
  27. Public finance and its relationship with non-profit organization
  28. Retirement planning: Ways to save for a wealthy retirement
  29. Tips on maintaining a good credit score.
  30. Ways of minting money with stocks


  1. The importance of having a healthy diet
  2. Stick to healthy eating habits with these 3 step methods
  3. Know how food impacts your energy levels
  4. Harmful health effects of eating fast food
  5. That one food habit you must inculcate for optimal health
  6. Going organic has plenty of benefits for health
  7. Can’t stay off of fries and pizza? Here’s what to do
  8. Add vitamin D rich foods to your diet – here’s how it can change you
  9. Does having smoothies help in having glossy hair?
  10. Adding spices boosts your overall health? How?
  11. Having dark chocolate and minimize the risk of heart disease
  12. Ordering food online? Do this instead
  13. Start drinking from copper vessels. It can boost your immunity
  14. Health benefits of dry fruits
  15. Benefits of eating soaked almonds


  1. Why is one of the world’s oldest living faiths on the verge of extinction? (Zoroastrian) 
  2. The Cuban Missile Crisis: The closest the world ever reached to a nuclear war 
  3. Hitler: The Mastermind of the Art of Persuasion 
  4. From Slow Fashion to Fast Fashion: History’s unlikely turn for the worst-case environmental scenario 
  5. The Peculiar History of Pizza 
  6. The Not-So-French Origin of French Fries 
  7. History’s Real Crime-Drama Event: How Fidel Castro managed to survive around 600 assassination attempts? 
  8. The Journey of Netflix: From Movie Rental Service to The Most Popular OTT Platform 
  9. War on One of our Beloved Pets: The Ferocious Battle Between Pope Gregory IV and Cats 
  10. History of Sky Burials and The Science Behind It 
  11. The healthiest food cuisine in the world (Japanese) 
  12. History of Sedentary Lifestyle among humans 
  13. Egyptians and the origin of toothpaste 
  14. Reminders of injustices against women due to stigma around menstruation: Retracing Cultural History across the world 
  15. History of World’s first empire: The most harmless one

International Relations

  1. China’s Meteoric Rise As A Superpower
  2. The Unspoken Potential Danger of E-Waste
  3. The Immigration Crisis: Evolution of Immigration Policies Around the World
  4. Game-Changing Power of Nuclear Energy
  5. China’s Meteoric Rise As A Superpower
  6. The Unspoken Potential Danger of E-Waste
  7. Women in Diplomacy: A Forgotten History
  8. The Immigration Crisis: Evolution of Immigration Policies Around the World
  9. Crises in the Middle East— Is There an End in Sight? 
  10. Is the Very Concept of Citizenship Flawed?
  11. The Complex Conflict of Water Cooperation
  12. A GDP in Negative: What It Implies 
  13. Why There Still Aren’t Enough Women in the Military 
  14. Is Democracy the Best Form of Governance? 
  15. Terrorism: Redefining a New World Order
  16. The Jurisdiction of International Relations— Does it Include Space?
  17. Wag the Dog: Fact or Fiction?
  18. How Cryptocurrencies are Being Used by Citizens to Avoid Sanctions?


  1. How Social Media Is Making People Antisocial
  2. Mass Media & Propaganda: A Brief History From WW1 to 2021
  3. Social Media Journalism vs. Traditional Journalism: A Comparative Study 
  4. Scare Tactics In The Media: A Closer Inspection
  5. Media & Your Child’s Development 
  6. How Mass Media Develops Social Norms
  7. How Media Depiction Of Romantic Couples Affects Real-Life Relationships
  8. Media Bias: Why News Is No Longer Just News
  9. Consumer Trends & Mass Media: How They’re Related
  10. Causes & Impact Of Social Media Addiction On Families 
  11. How Watching News Impacts Your Mental Health 
  12. The Real Reason Why Newspapers Are Dying 
  13. Mass Media & Identify Formation In Teens 
  14. Digital Innovations In Media Industry 
  15. Internet Safety: A Closer Look At Social Media & Privacy 


  1. The charm of 21st-century pop music
  2. Music therapy and its benefits
  3. The process of songwriting
  4. The transformation of music
  5. Rock music and its effects on the brain
  6. Impact of ‘The Beatles’ on the music industry
  7. Importance of classical music
  8. Michael Jackson: The one who revolutionized the music industry
  9. The history of disco music
  10. The significance of classical music
  11. Different forms of music in India
  12. The history behind World Music Day
  13. Music Industry and its dark side
  14. Folk music and why it needs more attention
  15. Music apps and how they work

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