Humorous Speech Topic Ideas​

What are Humorous Speeches?

Humorous speeches refer to speeches that are made in order to entertain the audience. Most of the times, humour is used as an element to bring back the audience should they have zoned out, or to lighten the mood after a heavy speech or sometimes for sheer entertainment.

How to Write a Humorous Speech?

If you thought you could google up jokes, twist them and place them strategically in your speech and that would be enough to evoke laughter, you aren’t entirely right. While this may sometimes work, most of the time, it won’t.

Use experiences unique to you

A comedian friend once taught me the simple art of weaving humour. He said that the most authentic humour is the one that springs from one’s personal life experiences.

Since these are unique, it is nearly impossible for people to have heard of them and thus adds integrity to the write-up.

Understand the audience the humour is for 

Apart from this, ensure you keep in mind the platform that you will be speaking on. Jokes on spouses seldom do good in a school set up and those on exams will likely bomb in a corporate meeting.

If you are picking a topic that is a burning issue, like that of climate change then you would want to add humour subtly.

Know where to place your jokes

In a typical humorous speech, strive to make your audience get two laughs within a minute. Don’t spend a large part of your speech developing the joke and then saying it.

Ensure that it is well-timed, and the punch lines are scattered and not bunched together.

How to Select a Topic?

There is no set way to select a topic. Pretty much any topic can be turned into a humorous one. However, ensure you remember your audience and their age, background etc. Usually, topics revolving around politics, friends, family tend to be the most picked up ones.

Humorous Speech Topic Ideas


  1. What you can learn about your office from watching The Office
  2. Everyone I Work With Is at Fault, Except Me
  3. David Weds Goliath: Mergers and Acquisitions for the New-Age Business
  4. Even Robots Need Blankets: Why Technological Dependence Isn’t Everything for Your Business
  5. What I’ll do When I Resign
  6. How to Lose a Job in 10 Days
  7. How Incompetent People Manage to Get the Best Jobs 
  8. A Business Needs “Clerk” Kent, and Not Superman
  9. Chicken Soup for the Business Soul
  10. Why a Good Business Leader Needs an Oscar
  11. No Filter: LinkedIn is Now the New Instagram
  12. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire: “I Don’t”, said the Billionaire
  13. Mind your Own Business
  14. Lead, Follow, or Get Out of The Way
  15. To be Ethically Unethical or Unethically Ethical
  16. Today’s Business Leader is Tomorrow’s Villain

College Students

  1. Broke, again?
  2. Broke up, again?
  3. The merry realisation of adulting
  4. How to tape broken hearts
  5. The price you pay when you intern for free
  6. Sleeping with your eyes open
  7. Finding bugs in the plagiarism checker
  8. How to ensure your dog eats your homework
  9. Understanding your dissertation guide
  10. Severe implications of prom night rejections
  11. The delicate ask of required attendance
  12. The truth in positive peer pressure
  13. The truth of multitasking
  14. Your foolproof guide to bunking right
  15. Finding the “X” algebra lost


  1. How a not-so-smart student is always at the top of the class
  2. The first rumor about me in school 
  3. Sugar-coating teachers will help during lab exams
  4. Beauty > Leadership skills while participating in college elections
  5. Teacher’s Day is the right day for seniors to bully juniors
  6. School exhibition is the right time to talk to your secret admirer
  7. Packing bags before the hour is the best feeling ever in school
  8. How to answer a prank call?
  9. The time when the teacher lauded the last bencher
  10. Yoga periods are nothing but laughter clubs
  11. The best one-liners to impress your teachers
  12. The time I got a haircut in school
  13. A group project is about that one person doing 80% of the task
  14. Being a bad dancer can make you a popular kid in school
  15. Best excuses that used to work in schools before
  16. How to flunk out of college?
  17. Best excuses to miss school
  18. What do teachers do off duty?
  19. Why does the school canteen have the best food?
  20. School trips can teach you more things than actual classes
  21. Have technical issues really increased or is it just the classic online excuse?
  22. Education abroad is all good until you have to wash your clothes
  23. How is Netflix teaching me more things than my actual teacher?
  24. How have mathematical proofs helped me in day-to-day life? They haven’t. 
  25. How moving my classroom seat helped me make more friends?
  26. Memorizing the periodic table is a huge flex
  27. How has multiple college assignments made me master procrastination
  28. Organic chemistry has helped me draw perfect hexagons 
  29. Plagiarism checks has made life more miserable
  30. Graduating college without Google is a very respectable deed


  1. From Napoleon to Jimmy Carter: How the Great Leaders suffered the wrath of
  2. Did Switzerland acquire Harry Potter’s Cloak of Invisibility during both the World Wars?
  3. Had the Roman Empire been in place, ‘Just one more territory’ would replace the favorite one-liner of ‘Just one more episode’
  4. The amusing similarity between the Cold War and Sheldon’s technique of blowing people’s minds
  5. Once upon a time, ‘forks’ were considered blasphemous
  6. From Chernobyl to the Three Mile Island: Disasters that tell you how pushing your sleep hours is not the cool thing to do
  7. How sticking a nose into people’s business could be a go-to-motto for US Administration?
  8. Being a President during the Reconstruction Era must have felt like Hell freezing over
  9. What’s weirder? Ketchup on Maggi or Ketchup as a medicine? Revisit History to make a call
  10. Remember how the originals survived so many assassination attempts in the show? Fidel Castro shares a similar history
  11. How Ibn Battuta’s travel journey became a real pain for all the history students?
  12. Herbert Hoover’s reaction after the Stock Market Crash of 1929 was the epitome of ‘Hunky-dory’
  13. The amusing time when the US built a fort over Canadian Territory to prepare for war with Canada
  14. The ill-fate of Turkeys: From being worshipped to becoming a thanksgiving meal
  15. Pope Gregory IV and the War on cats


  1. Democracy: The new stage for Pop Culture Icons
  2. The fake promise lexicon
  3. The PR battle during elections
  4. The petty perils of pedigree politics
  5. The ethical politician
  6. The dilemma to vote
  7. Why honest bureaucrats literally go miles
  8. Political humor- Still an Oxymoron?
  9. Censor over Sense in Politics
  10. Why memes can get you elected
  11. The Autocracy in Democracy
  12. The system’s gap of common sense
  13. The absurd math of NOTA
  14. When campaigns cost more than elections
  15. When educated people don’t vote and then crib

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