How to Write a Teachers’ Day Speech: A Guide for Students and Teachers

How to give a speech for teachers' day- a guide for students and teachers

A teachers’ day speech is a special occasion speech. It is a speech where you acknowledge your teachers, gurus or mentors for being an absolute human guide and encouraging you to dream. On this special day, you express your gratitude towards them, it can be in the form of a speech or stage performances.

‘When one teaches, two learn.’ 

Robert Heinlein

Teachers’ Day is that one event which not only excites the students, but the teachers as well. It is an important day for the students, as it gives them a chance to recognize the efforts put in by their teachers to ensure that they get proper education and ethics in life. Likewise, the teachers also await the Teachers’ Day celebration, as their efforts get acknowledged and honoured by their students.

But why is it important to celebrate Teachers’ Day?

Teaching is considered to be the most sacred and noble professions of all, as teachers are the ones to craft the other professions. 

Teachers have the ability to change the students’ life for the better. Teaching is a tough job; however, it is that one job where you can make the optimum impact on another person’s life.

However, we often tend to forget the importance teachers have in our lives. So, on this day you make them realize how important they are in your life along with this you appreciate their existence, their efforts and their guidance.

How to appreciate your teachers or students in your teachers' day speech

Not only students, but teachers also express their views to the students because their profession is nothing without their students. 

If you are looking for tips on how you can draft a heart touching speech for teachers’ day, don’t worry we’ve got some suggestions for you (teacher or student).

But remember, the only key to give a heartwarming speech is Authenticity.

importance of being authentic or genuine in your teachers' day speech

Tips to Remember Before you Draft your Teachers’ Day Speech:

1)  Appreciate, Do Not Exaggerate

When you give a speech on occasions like teachers’ day, it demands you to be authentic while sharing your experiences or showing gratitude. Being authentic will help you make your speech pure and impressive at the same time. 

Try to articulate your feelings in the simplest form which will make your speech sound genuine. 

Exaggeration in a speech might make you lose your credibility, making it sound unreal. 

In case of students giving a speech for their teachers, you can appreciate their efforts, praise them, or the way in which they helped you garner knowledge, improve your skills, grow confidence as well as to help you choose the right path to success. 

In short, when thinking about the best way to thank your teacher/s, consider what exceptional they did or above their call of duty? How did they inspire you or change your thinking? Did they inspire some new academic avocation or activity? What skills will you hold dear in future?

You are basically trying to acknowledge the efforts that your teachers have put in. So try and make your acknowledgement sound genuine and speak from your heart and not just for the sake of saying it.

In case of teachers giving a speech on teachers’ day, you can talk more on the lines of how your students have been motivating you or how happy you are to see their efforts to do better everyday, for instance, showing their interests in the extracurricular activities or competitions. 

Pro tip- Do not overdo it, for instance over praising your teachers or students, the listeners will understand it is not coming from your heart. 

2) Dedicate your Thoughts

The speaker should be expressive about one’s emotions. Your speech is dedicated to the event of Teachers’ day, so everything you speak has to support the event.

For students giving a speech on teachers’ day, the speaker can dedicate the speech mainly to acknowledge his teachers, communicate gratitude towards them and applaud them for being a beacon of light in their lives. 

For teachers giving a speech on teachers’ day, you can talk more about why it is celebrated, the importance of a teacher in a student’s life, what motivates you to be a teacher.

3) The PURPOSE should be at the Heart of your Speech

One thing you need to bear in your mind is the purpose of your speech. Purpose means, why is the speech drafted or for what are you drafting the speech. 

For instance, in case of students, the speech is drafted for your teachers in order to pay them a tribute or acknowledge their efforts.

Similarly, in case of teachers, your speech is drafted for the students as well the fellow teachers, so your purpose of talking would be the joy you experience while teaching or guiding your students or expressing your gratitude for the efforts the students have taken to make your day special.

Therefore, your speech needs to revolve much around teachers’ day, so that you don’t deviate from the purpose of your speech.

4) Duration of the Speech 

The goal of any speaker is to make his speech memorable and at the same time the one which has a long-lasting impact.

While drafting your speech, try to keep it short and sweet, as it is more likely to hold your audiences’ attention. It also forces you to say what you mean and nothing more. Meaning, you will cover only those points that are central to your message or speech.

Stick to your topic and then draft your speech accordingly – use as few words as possible and limited anecdotes to retain your audiences’ attention without sacrificing the essential information. 

Make sure the points you want to make come out clearly.

We’ve written an article on How to Deliver a 1 Minute Speech: Tips, Examples, Topics & More. Check it out to get some tips on how you can deliver a short speech.

After keeping in mind these few suggestions, the next step would be to organize your content, so that your speech flows smoothly.

Here’s an article on How to make your speech flow smoothly. You can review this article to get a better understanding regarding the same.

In order to give a clear and a structured speech, your speech needs to be divided into three parts, mainly- Introduction, Body and Conclusion.

How to Organize your Teachers’ Day Speech?

1) Introduction

An introduction can be best considered as the foundation of your speech. Just as you can’t build a building without forming its base, you cannot build your speech until and unless you don’t introduce your topic.

Introducing your topic will help you gain the audiences’ attention because you’re revealing the purpose of you standing in front of them.

The goal is to start your speech with impact and to do this, you can start by telling a story or a quote, or by asking an interesting question.

Here’s an article that we’ve written on various storytelling approaches that you can consider for your next speech.

You can start your speech with, say like a story or a quote and then connect it to the occasion of Teachers’ day or teachers in general. 

For instance, a student can start his speech with a hypothetical situation, supposing a life without a teacher and then connect it to being thankful for having them in your life as torch bearers. 

A teacher can start her speech by expressing her gratitude towards the program that has been organized for them along with a few lines regarding why is teachers’ day celebrated

To start your speech with a bang, you can review the article that we wrote on 15 powerful speech opening lines and how to create your own.

2) Body 

After choosing an impactful opening remark, the next part would be the body of your speech.

Oftentimes, more importance is given to the opening and closing remarks and everything in between is considered to be filler. This should not be the case because the body of a speech is where you offer the evidence or data to support your main message.

Taking the previous example in case of students, you can actually start expressing your gratitude towards them, recognize their efforts, explain their importance in your life, and much more.

In case of teachers, you can build your speech on the basis of how your students motivate you or how you feel about teaching as a profession, or what joy you experience while teaching.

3) Conclusion

The conclusion of your speech should restate your main message. 

You basically summarize the main points of your speech which will help you to create a long-lasting impression in the minds of your audience. 

You can end your speech in much the same way you began- with a story, quotation, or a question. 

In case of students ending their Teachers’ day speech, you can thank your teachers for being an essential part of your journey.

In case of teachers ending their Teachers’ day speech, they can provide a bunch of advice to their students. 

We have a few suggestions or tips on Ways to end your speech with maximum impact.

To make this simple, here are some points that you can cover while drafting your speech.

4 Points Students can cover in their Teachers’ Day Speech : 

  • Teacher’s importance in your life
  • Acknowledge their efforts that they have put in for you
  • You can highlight the significance of teachers’ day
  • Express your gratitude towards them
sample speech for a student giving a speech for teachers' day

Sample Speech by Students for their Teachers

Education without teachers is like a body without a soul.

 “A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination and instill a love of learning” , says Brad Henry.

Let’s pick the first keyword over here – ‘HOPE’. A teacher is capable of returning the lost light in a student’s life. Therefore, teachers are the torch bearers who show us the path of success and walk us through the entire path until we achieve something.

Today we all have gathered here to celebrate the presence of those unsung heroes without whom no profession would have existed, our teachers.

It is said that parents give birth to a child, but it is the Teacher who makes sure that the child is not only raised as a tough individual, but also as an ideal citizen.

We students have sometimes made it so difficult for a teacher to survive, especially if we personally find a subject boring, but it is the teacher who has made us learn a lesson which is To Never Give Up. Even if we are disrespectful, intolerant, and sometimes cross all our limits of being bearable, she still continues to motivate us. 

What a teacher writes on the blackboard of life can never be erased. The values, the skills and the life lessons taught by them are something we all will hold dear in our lives.

You are the reason behind our dreams and our farsightedness. You have prepared us to become the fittest and the finest individuals. Without your presence we wouldn’t have learnt how to dream.

Thank you for guiding us when we were wrong and being on your toes to get the best out of us, we all are very grateful to have you all as our teachers.

I would like to conclude my speech through a short poem called Teachers by Kevin William Huff that summarizes the role of a teacher in a student’s life.

Teachers Inspire a love of knowledge and truth As you light the path which leads our youth For our future brightens with each lesson your teach Each smile you lengthen Each goal you help reach For the dawn of each poet, each philosopher and king Begins with a teacher And the wisdom they bring

Download the Teacher’s day Sample Speech by a Student here.

6 Points Teachers can cover in their Teachers’ Day Speech: 

  • Appreciate the efforts your students have put in to organize the event
  • Express your joy or why you like teaching 
  • How students motivate you to teach
  • Why do we celebrate teachers’ day
  • What do you feel about teaching as a profession
  • Few advices to the students for their future endeavours
Sample speech for teachers giving a speech for teachers' day

Sample Speech by Teachers for their Students

“There’s no word in the language I revere more than teacher. My heart sings when a kid refers to me as his teacher, and it always has. I’ve honored myself and the entire family of man by becoming a teacher.” 

—Pat Conroy, Author

It is said that Teachers have got their designation because of the existence of students, who are taught lessons for life. Welcoming the Principal, my fellow teachers and my dear students. It gives me immense pleasure to thank each and every student present here for putting up such a lovely program. We teachers feel highly privileged to have students like you all, so I would like to dedicate this day to all our students.

Teaching for me is one of those careers, where you learn something new every day as well as impart knowledge and skills to train individuals and make them ready to face the real world.

We really appreciate all the support that you’ve been giving us over the years and continuously reminding us about the value of our work and our potential to impact your lives for the greater good. In short, your support helps us remain mindful of our ultimate purpose and hold on to the passion that fuels our fire. 

This special day reminds me of my own gurus and their impact on my life. I remember one of my teachers telling me this, “Beyond the undone and unseen lies the unachieved.” Meaning, to do something that nobody has done or seen and that’s when you will achieve what nobody has. To achieve something extraordinary you need to conquer the 3 D’s- Desire, Determination and Discipline. 

Desire means being passionate about something you love.  Determination refers to being dedicated towards something that you are passionate about. Discipline refers to practicing what you are determined about.

As teachers, we strongly believe it is our key responsibility to dig in the foundation to construct pillars of great strength. And I truly appreciate the efforts all the teachers have been putting in so as to achieve this.

Before I sign off for the day I would like to give you all a piece of advice. Each one of you is different, each one of you has a different caliber, challenge yourself and chase your dreams. There will be a time in your life when you might fail, but don’t give up. Your success lies without your level of patience. Do great for the society and help everyone possible. Never take your profession on your head because at first, you have to be a good human before becoming a good professional.

Hence, I proudly say teaching for me is sacred and I revere teaching as a profession.

Download the Teacher’s day Sample Speech by a Teacher here.

Final Thoughts

Teachers play a major role in shaping the minds of the students. They inspire, motivate, influence, and encourage the students to think differently as well as they instill values and ethics in them.

Hence, students should not hesitate in paying a tribute to their teachers. A speech is the best way to convey your thoughts and appreciate their selfless efforts, as words hold immense power in them.

You can consider these tips and speech samples while drafting your speech in order to make your speech a remarkable one.

The success of any speech comes in when you try to speak from your heart and express what you feel in its truest sense.

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