Demonstrative Speech Topic Ideas

What are Demonstrative Speeches?

Demonstrative speeches refer to speeches that are made to inform or educate an audience about something. E.g., how to make a no-bake cheesecake, how to fix a flat tire and so on.

How to Write a Demonstrative Speech?

Writing a demonstrative speech can be very simple since here the main aim is to educate your audience about a topic. All one needs to do is to break the topic into parts and then explain them. Right? Sounded like a cakewalk? Well, there’s a little more to this.

Choose your topic wisely 

Understand who the audience is and choose the topic accordingly. Here, you must keep in mind not only the age of the audience members but also their interests and backgrounds.

For e.g., a speech on how to eat with chopsticks will be of little interest to a group of grade schoolgirls in rural India.

Use required aids 

Since you will be demonstrating, ensure that you support your speech with the required aids. Remember to do this especially if it’s a bunch of young kids that will be your audience since their attention span is very less.

Give an overview

Show your audience a brief overview of what they should expect so that they are eager to learn more and know the exact flow of the speech.

Leave some time for Q&A

Since a demonstrative speech is aimed at educating the audience try and leave them with some time to ask questions.

This will ensure that the information is drilled into the minds of the audience well and that the primary aim of the speech is fulfilled.

We have written a detailed resource to help you write and deliver your best Demonstrative Speech. Check it out here: Demonstrative Speech – Master the ‘How-To’ Speech

How to Select speech Topics for Demonstrative speeches?

While selecting the topics for your speech ensures that they are of interest to you since it will need reading upon it. Ensure that you select a topic that is not too vast to cover within your given speech limit and you can get physical or virtual props to support it.

Demonstrative Speech Topics


  1. How to adopt a street animal safely?
  2. How to choose a service dog?
  3. How to comfort a frightened animal?
  4. How to care for a sick animal?  
  5. How to choose the perfect pet? 
  6. How to dress a pet cat or dog for an event?
  7. How to talk with animals?
  8. How to introduce a pet to a baby?
  9. How to choose the perfect pet sitter?
  10. How to appease an angry animal? 
  11. How to cope with losing a pet? 
  12. How to tell your children about a pet’s death?
  13. How to report animal abuse?
  14. How to make an animal-friendly community in your neighborhood?
  15. How to make an animal trust you?
  16. How to make pets friends with each other?


  1.  Business Branding: How to Market and Grow your Business Brand    
  2. A Step-by-Step Guide to Preparing Organisational Paperwork
  3. How to Write an Effective Business Plan 
  4. How to Deal with Setbacks in Businesses 
  5. Pitch Perfect: How to Pitch your Ideas to Investors 
  6. How to Choose the Right Business Model for Your Company  
  7. Get Yourself Harnessed: How to Assess the Risk-Taking Appetite of Your Business 
  8. How to Create the Perfect Work Environment for Your Employees 
  9. Are you Paying Too Much? : How to Choose the Right Taxation Model for your Business 
  10. How to Decide the Right Style of Leadership for Your Business 
  11. How to Motivate your Business Workforce 
  12. Picking the Right Mantra: How to Create Your Business Ideology 
  13. How to Convert Your Business Ideas into Revenue 
  14. How to Ensure Employee Longevity in Your Business 
  15. A Step-by-Step Guide Through Your First Year of Business

College Students

  1. How to battle chronic homesickness
  2. How to write a powerful research statement for your thesis
  3. How to sharpen and structure your CV
  4. How to approach your professor for guidance in a research paper
  5. How to battle online bullying
  6. How to make effective presentations
  7. How to search for meaningful internships
  8. How to find the right networking opportunities
  9. How to begin developing soft skills like public speaking
  10. How to find a passion that is beyond your career
  11. How to end toxic friendships/relationships
  12. How to adjust to a new culture and a new city
  13. How to choose the correct minor subjects in your course
  14. How to choose the correct subject to major in
  15. How to sustain on meagre money
  16. How to prep for a placement interview
  17. How to take a college exam
  18. How to find the right volunteering opportunities
  19. How to stay fit and healthy
  20. How to find effective research topics
  21. How to cure minor insomnia


  1. How to Effectively Use Twitter Hashtags to Raise your Voice?
  2. How to Say “No” to Work Assignments Without Sounding Rude?
  3. How to Give A Pep Talk that “Actually” Helps
  4. Communication Leading to Chaos and Confusion? Cut Out the Digressions!
  5. The Step-By-Step Guide to Negotiating your Salary the Right Way!
  6. Connect with the Community: How to Talk About Social Justice Issues with Empathy?
  7. How to Have A Deep Philosophical Conversation?
  8. How to Talk to A Friend Dealing with A Sense Of Grief?
  9. Conversation Over Texts: How to Avoid Misinterpretation of the Tone?
  10. 3 Not-So-Stressful Ways to Communicate Effectively Under Stress
  11. The Ultimate Guide to Having Not-So-Awkward Small Talks
  12. The Step-By-Step Guide to NOT Become A Conversational Narcissist
  13. How to Deal with Conflict Resolution in your Daily Conversations?
  14. 5 Unique Ways to Lead Crisis Communication At Your Firm
  15. How to Talk About Your Accomplishments Without Sounding Like A Show-Off?  


  1. How to ace college application essays?
  2. Guide to optimize daily planner: Your guiding light to lead a productive life 
  3. Use the power of storytelling to make history lessons ‘fun’ 
  4. How to unlock the potential of your subconscious mind to memorize things better? 
  5. Beating distractions: How to make the most of online classes? 
  6. Sleep deprivation is not ‘cool’: How to improve your grades through proper sleep?
  7. A Step-by-Step Guide to writing a stellar research paper 
  8. Steps to become a politically aware youth: How to apply political science lessons to analyze news stories? 
  9. Lessons on time management: How to attain a perfect work-life balance? 
  10. How to organize your workspace to enhance productivity? 
  11. Guide to level up your personality development through extracurricular activities 
  12. How to read a newspaper the right way?
  13. A Step-by-Step Guide to learning in an Educational Excursion
  14. How to make a successful career in a niche profession? 
  15. How to ace Freelance Work Assignments: Getting the right exposure in the new-normal scenario 


  1. How Not To Destroy Your Financial Life
  2. How To Avoid Financial Fraud
  3. How To Reduce The Wealth Gap (Realistically)
  4. How To Track Your Spending 
  5. How To Invest Without Selling Your Soul
  6. How To Save Money While Attending University
  7. How To Save (A Lot Of) Money With Coupons 
  8. How Not To Invest In CryptoCurrency 
  9. How Not To Fall In A Credit Card Debt 
  10. How To Invest When You Don’t Have Big Bucks 
  11. How To Tackle Your Finance: Guide For Small Businesses
  12. How To Become Financially Literate 
  13.  How To Effectively Use Financial Leverage
  14. How Income Tax Really Works 
  15. How To Avoid Bankruptcy


  1. How to make a Croquembouche? 
  2. How to make a Korean meal?
  3. What should you know before going to a wine tasting party?
  4. What are the basics of barbeque?
  5. How to make an eggless souffle?
  6. How to make quesadilla from scratch?
  7. How to make cakes without an oven?
  8. Things to keep in mind while picking your wedding cake
  9. How to make a New York-style cheesecake?
  10. Healthy salad dressings and how to make them
  11. How to serve a 7-course meal?
  12. How to make bread at home?
  13. How to make no-bake cakes?
  14. How to make burgers that taste like McDonald’s?
  15. Easy way to make cinnamon rolls at home


  1. How to maintain a healthy lifestyle?
  2. How to determine your body fat percentage?
  3. How to reduce asthma attacks?
  4. How to know if you are suffering from breast cancer?
  5. How to plan a diet for weight loss?
  6. How to maintain mental wellness?
  7. How to get maximum benefits of meditation?
  8. Effective ways of managing stress
  9. How to prevent Covid-19? 
  10. How to prevent cervical cancer? 
  11. How to quit smoking and tobacco? 
  12. How to determine the best health care plan for your family?
  13. How to deal with insomnia?
  14. How to make your home autism-friendly?
  15. How to deal with phobias? 

Social Media and Digital Tools 

  1. How to use Canva to design Instagram posts? 
  2. How to broadcast live on YouTube?
  3. How to fix a choppy audio and video lag while live streaming?
  4. How to use a social media management tool to optimize the workflow?
  5. How to use SEO tools such as Semrush and Google Analytics to improve search rankings for your blog?
  6. How to design carousel posts to boost engagement on Instagram?
  7. How to create Facebook Ads that convert?
  8. How to use keywords in content and boost traffic to the website?
  9. How to optimize your Linkedin Profile to gain leads?
  10. How to write and optimize ad campaigns on Google?
  11. How to come up with click-worthy headlines to increase sales?
  12. How to craft compelling email copy and get people to open their inbox?
  13. How to build a brand identity on social media?
  14. How to create a WordPress website from scratch?
  15. How to create brand awareness using social media platforms?

School Students

  1. How to handle peer pressure
  2. How to manage time effectively
  3. How to balance extracurricular activities with studying
  4. How to develop extracurricular aptitude
  5. How to develop leadership skills in school
  6. How to find the right internships
  7. How to find the right places to volunteer
  8. How to make the most of a gap year
  9. How to write an effective resume
  10. How to balance studying with internships
  11. How to network the right way
  12. How to talk about mental health with your circle
  13. How to pick the right subjects
  14. How can you turn your passion into your profession?
  15. How to manage stress effectively

School Teachers

  1. How to make algebra fun
  2. How to tackle bullying
  3. How to begin prepping for college
  4. How to tackle exam anxiety
  5. How to manage parental expectations
  6. How to escape the notion of “cool”
  7. How to move on from failure
  8. How to make learning fun
  9. How to encourage peer learning
  10. How to encourage self-study
  11. How to choose the right stream post tenth
  12. How to manage deadlines
  13. How to write right
  14. How to find the right co-curricular for oneself
  15. How to approach for internships


  1. A Step-by-Step guide to building your First Gaming PC
  2. How to find and fix Internet Errors? 
  3. How to install WordPress plugins for your website?
  4. How to create a new Blockchain wallet?
  5. How does the state process model of an operating system work?
  6. How to create a website UI using Adobe?
  7. How to handle distorted binary classification?
  8. What is the process of data cleansing?
  9. How to evaluate statistical significance?
  10. How does the Paas model work?
  11. How to ensure the data transferred over the cloud stay secure?
  12. How does the 7 step lifecycle of android activity work?
  13. How to create and delete a table in an SQL server?
  14. How does AES encryption work?
  15. How does the Blowfish encryption algorithm work?

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