12 Side Income Ideas If You Are A Public Speaker

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Welcome to the vibrant world of public speaking, where words become a powerful force for inspiration, education, and connection. Public speakers, akin to skilled artisans, craft narratives that resonate across the diverse landscapes of motivation, education, and business. In the realms of live events, digital platforms, and beyond, these storytellers captivate audiences, leaving an indelible imprint on the art of communication. Join us on a journey into the multifaceted universe of public speakers, exploring their roles, financial landscapes, and innovative side-income ideas that enrich their impact.

  1. Who Are Public Speakers?
  2. 12 Side Income Ideas If You Are A Public Speaker.
  3. Do Public Speakers Make Good Money?
  4. Conclusion.

Who Are Public Speakers?

Public speakers are like storytellers, sharing colorful tales that go beyond different areas of life. Think of the motivational speaker as someone who helps build positive change using personal stories like blueprints. They’re like magic makers who encourage personal growth through the power of spoken words.

In the educational world, speakers become guides who help people understand things better. With their knowledge, they light up the path for the audience, explaining both academic details and practical life lessons. Imagine them as helpful navigators in a big sea of knowledge, steering people toward learning new things.

In the business world, public speakers turn into communication pros. They explain the tricky parts of business strategies and leadership principles, creating stories that make sense in conferences and workshops. They’re like storytellers of success, creating stories that inspire in the professional world.

12 Side Income Ideas If You Are A Public Speaker.

If you’re a public speaker, here are several side income ideas to diversify your earnings:

1. In-Depth Module on Storytelling Techniques:

Create a specialized module within your online course focusing on the art of storytelling in public speaking. Guide participants in crafting compelling narratives, incorporating emotional arcs, and using anecdotes effectively. An example would be Steve Jobs who used compelling narratives, emotional arcs, and anecdotes to turn each presentation into a memorable experience.

2. Live Q&A Sessions with Industry Experts:

Enhance the certification program by organizing live Q&A sessions featuring guest appearances by renowned public speakers and communication experts. Participants can interact directly with these industry leaders, gaining additional insights and perspectives. An example would be Elon Musk, one of the most influential entrepreneurs of all time. This module offers exclusive access to live Q&A sessions with Musk, allowing participants to engage directly with him, ask burning questions, and gain insights into his vision for the future.

3. Peer Collaboration Workshops:

Implement peer collaboration workshops within the course structure, where participants work together to refine their speeches. This fosters a sense of community and allows individuals to learn from each other. Encourage collaborative critique sessions and guide constructive feedback, creating a supportive environment for skill development.

4. Coaching Services:

a. Goal-Setting Toolkit for Ongoing Coaching:

Develop a comprehensive goal-setting toolkit for clients engaging in ongoing coaching services. This toolkit can include goal-setting templates, progress trackers, and personalized action plans. Regularly revisit and adjust these goals during check-ins to ensure coaching sessions align with the evolving needs and aspirations of each individual.

b. Mock Event Simulations for Specialized Coaching:

For individuals preparing for specific events, incorporate mock event simulations into the coaching sessions. Simulate scenarios like job interviews, conference presentations, or important meetings. Step into the world of high-performance coaching with a unique simulation event inspired by Tony Robbins. This in-person experience offers participants the opportunity to engage in mock scenarios, receive specialized coaching, and gain insights into mastering real-life challenges.

c. Resource Library Access for Ongoing Clients:

Offer clients subscribing to ongoing coaching services exclusive access to a resource library. Populate the library with curated content, including articles, videos, and case studies related to public speaking and personal development. This continuous learning hub supplements coaching sessions, empowering clients with additional tools for their journey.

5. Book Sales:

a. Interactive Virtual Book Club:

Collaborate with your audience to create an interactive virtual book club centered around your books. Schedule regular discussions where readers can share their insights, questions, and takeaways. This not only boosts book sales but also cultivates a community around your content.

b. Author Collaboration Webinars:

Extend your collaboration with other authors by organizing webinars where you collectively discuss topics related to communication skills. These webinars serve as a promotional platform for the book bundle or series, allowing authors to connect with a broader audience and share unique perspectives.

c. Exclusive Audiobook Bonus Content:

Enhance the audiobook version by including exclusive bonus content. This could involve additional anecdotes, expanded chapters, or interviews with experts in the field. Promote this exclusive content to incentivize both existing readers and new audiences to opt for the audiobook version.

6. Podcasting:

a. Listener Spotlight Episodes:

Dedicate podcast episodes to spotlighting listener success stories or notable achievements. Encourage your audience to share their public speaking victories, and feature selected stories in dedicated episodes. This not only engages your community but also provides valuable content that resonates with your audience.

Dive into the extraordinary stories of the listeners who have been inspired by “How I Built This.” In this special series, Guy Raz turns the spotlight on the audience, featuring in-person interviews with individuals who have embarked on their entrepreneurial journeys after finding inspiration from the podcast. It’s a celebration of diverse stories and the impact of the podcast on real people.

b. Interactive Behind-the-Scenes Challenges:

Introduce interactive challenges in your bonus episodes, inviting listeners to participate in behind-the-scenes activities related to public speaking. This could include speech-writing challenges, impromptu speaking tasks, or interactive exercises designed to enhance communication skills. Feature highlights from the challenges in subsequent episodes.

c. Virtual Live Event Coverage:

Extend the live Q&A concept by providing virtual live event coverage within podcast episodes. Attend virtual events, conferences, or workshops related to public speaking, and share key takeaways, interviews with speakers, and your reflections. This immersive content keeps your podcast relevant and dynamic.

7. Affiliate Marketing As One Of The Side Income Ideas:

a. Affiliate Success Story Series:

Feature success stories of audience members who have benefited from affiliate products or services. Share testimonials, before-and-after narratives, or transformational experiences. This authentic storytelling approach adds a personal touch to your affiliate marketing strategy, making it more relatable and compelling.

Unlock the secrets of affiliate marketing success in this exclusive webinar series hosted by Pat Flynn. Each episode features a different individual who has achieved remarkable success in affiliate marketing, sharing their strategies, challenges, and triumphs.

b. Interactive Affiliate Challenges:

Organize affiliate marketing challenges where participants actively engage with recommended products or services. Create tasks, activities, or projects that showcase the utility of the affiliate offerings. Encourage participants to share their experiences, insights, or creative implementations, turning the challenge into a collaborative and interactive experience.

c. Exclusive Affiliate Discounts for Subscribers:

Negotiate exclusive affiliate discounts for your subscriber base. Create a dedicated section on your platform where subscribers can access these exclusive deals. Highlight the value of being a part of your community by offering practical savings on products or services that align with their interests.

8. Merchandise Sales:

a. Limited-Edition Merchandise Unveiling Events:

Turn the launch of limited-edition merchandise into exclusive events. Host virtual unveiling sessions where you showcase the new merchandise, discuss the inspiration behind each item, and interact with your audience in real-time. This creates a sense of excitement and urgency around the limited availability of the merchandise.

To celebrate the release of Taylor Swift’s “Lover” album, a special in-person merchandise sales event and pop-up shop is organized. Fans have the opportunity to not only purchase exclusive merchandise but also engage in a unique experience that aligns with the album’s theme.

b. Eco-Friendly Merchandise Impact Reports:

Bolster the appeal of eco-friendly merchandise by providing regular impact reports. Share insights into the positive environmental contributions made by choosing sustainable options. Illustrate how each purchase contributes to eco-friendly initiatives, fostering a sense of responsibility and purpose among your audience.

c. Interactive Merchandise Design Polls:

Involve your audience in the merchandise creation process by conducting interactive polls. Seek input on design elements, color schemes, or quotes to be featured on upcoming items. This participatory approach not only ensures merchandise resonates with your audience but also cultivates a sense of co-creation.

9. Networking Events:

a. Themed Virtual Networking Events:

Organize virtual networking events within the membership site, each centered around a specific theme. These themed events provide a structured environment for members to connect, share experiences, and discuss common interests. Consider incorporating icebreaker activities or discussion prompts to facilitate meaningful interactions.

“Cuban Connections” is an in-person networking event designed to bring together aspiring entrepreneurs, business professionals, and investors. Hosted by Mark Cuban, the event focuses on fostering meaningful connections, knowledge exchange, and potential collaborations within a dynamic and engaging atmosphere.

b. Exclusive Early Access Collaboration Projects:

Offer members exclusive early access to collaborative projects or initiatives. This could include sneak peeks of upcoming content, beta testing opportunities, or participation in special projects. Providing members with a first look at your creative endeavors enhances their sense of exclusivity and involvement.

c. Members-Only Resource Requests:

Allow members to request specific resources, content, or topics they would like to see within the membership site. Tailor your content creation based on member preferences, ensuring that the site remains relevant and valuable to the community. This interactive approach demonstrates a commitment to meeting the unique needs of your members.

10. Corporate Training:

a. Customized Corporate Training Resource Hub:

Create a resource hub specifically for corporate training participants. Populate the hub with tailored resources, case studies, and tools designed to reinforce the concepts covered in the training. This post-training resource hub serves as a valuable reference for participants as they apply their newfound skills in the workplace.

b. Virtual Escape Room Facilitator Training:

Extend your corporate training by offering a virtual escape room facilitator training program. Equip individuals within organizations to organize and facilitate virtual escape room experiences for their teams. This not only enhances team-building skills but also provides a unique and engaging way for participants to apply communication principles in a fun setting.

c. Continuous Learning Webinars for Alumni:

Establish a series of continuous learning webinars exclusively for corporate training alumni. These webinars can cover advanced topics, industry trends, or emerging communication strategies. By providing ongoing learning opportunities, you foster a sense of community among alumni and position your corporate training program as a hub for continuous professional development.

11. Sponsorships and Partnerships:

a. Interactive Clothing Design Workshops:

Collaborate with the clothing brand to host interactive design workshops. Involve your audience in the creation of the signature line of public speaking attire. Share design prototypes, gather feedback, and incorporate elements suggested by your community. This participatory approach turns the clothing line into a collaborative project.

“Design with Christian” is a series of in-person workshops hosted by Christian Siriano, where participants get hands-on experience in the fashion design process. The workshops aim to demystify fashion design and provide a platform for individuals to explore their creativity in a collaborative setting.

b. Wellness Brand Partnership Webinars:

Partner with the wellness brand to conduct webinars focused on the intersection of well-being and effective communication. Explore topics such as mindfulness techniques for public speakers, stress management during presentations, or the role of self-care in maintaining communication confidence. This partnership adds a holistic dimension to your content.

c. Co-Created Content Series:

Co-create a content series with your wellness brand partner. This series could include articles, videos, or social media posts that highlight the connection between well-being and effective communication. Align the content with the values of both brands, reinforcing the synergies between self-care and successful public speaking.

12. Event Hosting:

a. Scholarship Recipient Spotlight Sessions:

Introduce a segment within your events dedicated to scholarship recipients. Allow these individuals to share their stories, experiences, and the impact of attending the event through the scholarship program. This spotlight not only recognizes deserving individuals but also encourages support for future scholarship initiatives.

b. Virtual Reality Networking Lounges:

Enhance remote attendee experiences by incorporating virtual reality (VR) networking lounges. These VR spaces simulate real-world networking environments, allowing remote attendees to interact with each other in a more immersive way. Facilitate discussions, group activities, and collaborative experiences within the virtual realm.

“Future Connect Lounge” is a hybrid event that combines in-person networking with virtual reality (VR) technology. The goal is to create an immersive and futuristic networking experience, blending the physical environment with virtual elements.

c. Interactive Event Feedback Workshops:

Host post-event feedback workshops, inviting attendees to share their thoughts on the event experience. Use interactive tools, surveys, and live discussions to gather insights. This participatory approach not only provides valuable feedback for improvement but also reinforces a sense of community engagement among event participants.

Remember to align these side income ideas with your expertise and the interests of your audience. Each of these options offers a unique way to leverage your skills and broaden your financial opportunities as a public speaker.

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Do Public Speakers Make Good Money?

The income of public speakers can vary widely depending on factors such as their level of expertise, reputation, industry demand, and the types of engagements they undertake. Some public speakers, especially those who are well-known, experienced, or have a niche expertise, can command high fees for their services. On the other hand, emerging speakers or those who are just starting may earn less initially.

Key factors influencing the income of public speakers include:

1. Expertise and Reputation:

Public speakers with a high level of expertise or a strong reputation in their field often command higher fees. A track record of successful speaking engagements and positive reviews can contribute to a speaker’s market value.

2. Industry Demand:

The demand for speakers in a particular industry or on specific topics can impact earning potential. Speakers addressing trending or in-demand subjects may have more opportunities and potentially higher fees.

3. Type of Engagements:

The nature of speaking engagements matters. Keynote speakers at major conferences or corporate events tend to earn more than those speaking at smaller gatherings or local events. Workshops, training sessions, and consulting services can also contribute to a speaker’s overall income.

4. Negotiation Skills:

The ability to negotiate fees effectively can influence a speaker’s income. Experienced speakers who can clearly articulate their value and tailor their services to the client’s needs may secure better compensation.

5. Marketing and Branding:

Effective marketing and personal branding can contribute to a speaker’s visibility and demand. Those with a strong online presence, active social media engagement, and a well-crafted personal brand may attract more lucrative opportunities.

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While some public speakers make a substantial income from speaking engagements, it’s important to note that consistency and success often come with experience and a proven track record. Additionally, diversifying income streams, such as offering online courses, writing books, or providing consulting services, can contribute to a speaker’s overall financial success and serve as some side income ideas essential for growth and development.


Speakers are like storytellers who share stories to inspire, teach, or help in business. Making money depends on how good and well-known you are. If you’re a speaker, you can make extra money by doing things like creating online courses, coaching, writing books, or selling merchandise. There are many side income ideas to choose from based on what you like and what your audience wants.

In the world of talking, speakers make connections and leave a lasting impact. Whether you’re a speaker or a listener, each word adds to the way we communicate and share experiences.

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