Manage stage fright & speak in any room with exceptional confidence

Introducing a step-by-step training program to deliver public speaking results in just 4 weeks!

2X Your Ability to Influence People

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Instructed by: Hrideep Barot

Founder of Frantically Speaking

10 Years+ in the communications world

Delivered and hosted more than 150+ speeches, pitch presentations and events

Grew Frantically Speaking from 0 to 100,000+ monthly readers in 2 years

Trained over 1200 individuals in the field of public speaking and communications

7-year Toastmasters members including winning 10+ speech & evaluation rounds

Chartered South Mumbai Toastmasters club at the age of 21 Certified from Indo-American Society for Public Speaking

Trained 7000+ individuals from companies like Amazon, Facebook, Aditya Birla, Future Bricks, Focus on Family

Who is the training for?

- Working professionals looking to 2x their value in the work force
- Sales & marketing folks who want to up their pitching game
- Technical professionals who find it difficult to translate knowledge through speech
- College students looking to improve their confidence
- Entrepreneurs looking to improve their persuasion skills and charisma
- Homemakers looking for a new skill to learn

Why Frantically Speaking?

Current Options Available To You:

– Cheap online courses with generic content

– Super expensive coaching programs

– Trainings that don’t provide an audience to practice speaking

– Self-learning programs that can take LONG to show results

Frantically Speaking Training Program:

– Practical knowledge of critical public speaking elements

– Have a live and intimate audience to practice speaking

– Get constant feedback from vetted coaches

– 1:1 time with coaches to work on pain points

All in just 4 weeks!

How does enrollment work?

1. Schedule a free coaching session with our coach

Pick a date and time of your choice

2. During the session, brief our coach on your problem

A candid conversation to understand your challenges and pain points

3. Get a tailor-made package and start your journey

Join 1000+ people in becoming a communicator people will remember

4 Week Process

What does the training look like once you enroll?

Week 1:

Foundations of public speaking (Introductory session) + Understanding Narratives and Becoming a Gripping Storyteller Practical: - Ice Breaking exercise - Improvisation exercise

Week 2

Harnessing the Power of Voice Modulation and Leveraging Your Unique Tonality Practical: - Deliver 1st speech - Evaluation - Improvisation exercise

20-minute midweek session to work on pain points

Week 3:

Body Language: The Power of Non-Verbal Communication and Influencing Without Speaking Practical: - Deliver 2nd speech - Evaluation - Public speaking exercise

20-minute midweek session to work on pain points

Week 4:

Interpersonal communication and forming deeper connections with any audience Practical: - Deliver the final speech - Closing words

We Help All Types of Professionals Advance in Their Careers

Let us help you today!


Have your own company? Effective communication is crucial to leading teams, making presentations and closing deals. We can help.

Business Professionals

Effective communicators earn 10% higher wages and have a 15% higher chance of being promoted.
We can help.


Students with better communication skills are more likely to lead better social lives, get better grades and jobs, and earn higher salary placements. We can help.

Frequently Asked Questions

You require 3 things to transform your communication skills: Conceptual understanding of the most critical communication components, a live audience to practice those learnings, & receive immediate feedback. Our training seamlessly includes all 3.

It has been designed keeping years of practice in mind. The coaches have themselves trained thousands of people as well as attended multiple communication training programs. This is the result of trying and testing multiple methods.

Once you complete the program, you are sure to see amazing results for your self-confidence and personal growth.

Our trainings are 100% online. We are fortunate to have students from across the world as part of these trainings and online mediums allow us to interact with all of them!

The program is a mix of both, 1-to-1 coaching with the coach + group training with an intimate batch of 6 people. This allows you to get the interactive experience of a group along with the personal touch of 1-on-1 coaching.

Our coaching packages are personalized to your requirement. Most of our trainings are 4 weeks long and can be completely 1-on-1, completely group training or (in most cases) a mix of both!

The free consultation call will allow us to understand your challenges and tailor-make a coaching package for your needs. Depending on your requirement, we will recommend a certain number of sessions (between 4-8 sessions) and send you a customized price quote. The pricing can range from $150/- to $800/- for the entire program depending on your requirement. Book a free consultation to get an exact quote for you!

I have an important speech/presentation coming up! How will this help me?
A lot of our clients require coaching for that one big speech or presentation that they have to ace. Depending on the time you have, our coach will work with you to draft your speech, coach you through your practice sessions and prep you to deliver the best version of your speech with radical authenticity.

We have collaborated with a host of communication coaches who are highly experienced in this field. If the coach you consult with does not fit your vibe, you can inform us and we will match you with another coach that fits your learning style. Get on free consultation to find out more about your personal communication coach!

Communications is a wide subject. Everyone needs it no matter what field they are in. But if we were to break it down a little further, this coaching would be for people who

– Have an important speech or presentation coming up and want help preparing for it
– Who are in it for the long term and are looking to build their overall soft skills so they can communicate effectively in all situations.
– If you are about to graduate or are looking for a job and want to substantially increase your chance of acing that interview and landing your dream job
– To improve your overall personality and conversation skills

If you’re unsure whether or not we can fulfill your requirement, get in touch with us and ask! We will reply straight away!

Payment for the coaching must be made in full and in advance. Refund in full will be provided within 5 days of payment, if requested. After the first 5 days, no refund will be provided for the remainder of the program. Read terms and conditions.

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