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What our past students have to say:

We’ve Helped all types of professionals advance in their career

Joseph Bourdon

Logistics Manager

All of the lessons are actionable changes, simple enough to understand and take notes on, but powerful enough to truly take your speaking to the next level.

Kranthi Kumar

Transformation Excellence

The public speaking course is designed in such a way that everyone understands the methods very easily and we start seeing the results from the get-go.

Anuradha Dhirasaria

Agility Lead

The Frantically Speaking training helped me understand the foundational elements of public speaking & professional communication.

Poor Communication is Costing You $$$

Have an interview, a sales pitch or a presentation…not knowing the right thing to say at the right time can make us miss out on opportunities. 

Get Communication Coaching From the Experts

Our coaches hold expertise in all areas of communication. You may need help with one or all of them. Book a call with us so we can diagnose the challenge & come up with the right plan for you.

What we can help with (One or a mix of them all!):

Public Speaking & Presentation
English Fluency
Interview and Group Discussions
Interpersonal Communication
Negotiating like a pro
Workspace Communication
Speaking on video
Persuasion Skills

Helped 7000+ People

We’ve helped train individuals from top companies & universities
at becoming effective communicators

What our past students have to say:

We Help All Types of Professionals Advance in Their Careers

Let us help you today!


Have your own company? Effective communication is crucial to leading teams, making presentations and closing deals. We can help.

Business Professionals

Effective communicators earn 10% higher wages and have a 15% higher chance of being promoted.
We can help.


Students with better communication skills are more likely to lead better social lives, get better grades and jobs, and earn higher salary placements. We can help.

About Our Communications Training

We’ve helped all types of professionals advance in their careers. Now it’s time to help you.

Start your journey today.

Schedule a free coaching session with our coach

Pick a date and time of your choice

During the session, brief our coach on your problem

A candid conversation to understand your challenges and pain points

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Join 1000+ people in becoming a communicator people will remember

Why choose the “Frantically” Public Speaking Training?

Get Expert Team Coaching Today!

Schedule call with coach to learn how we can make an impact for your company.

What does our public speaking coaching include?

At Frantically Speaking we always put our customers needs ensuring they get personalized tangible benefits.

Dramatically Reduce Stage Fright and Fear

Learn the tips and coping mechanisms used by experts to manage your stage fear so you can perform even under high-stress situations.

Identify and enhance communication strengths

Understand and strengthen what you’re already good at while mending the weak spots of your communication game.

Learn how to persuade and entertain audiences

No matter who or where you’re speaking, you’re either educating, selling or entertaining. Learn how to ace all 3 styles.

Post Coaching Assistance

For 6 months after the program, you can continue to reach out to the coach for any practice or communication help you need.

Practice on a LIVE audience

Practice speeches in front of an intimate & supportive audience, gain feedback and speed up your journey to become an impactful speaker!

1-on-1 hand-holding

Certain skills need singular attention. The coach will personally work with you on certain pain points to combine the benefit of group training with the personal touch of 1-on-1 sessions!

How does our coaching work?


Learn the critical components of public speech & communications


Practice those teachings on a LIVE audience


Receive immediate feedback from expert coaches


Work 1:1 with our coach to improve upon pain points

How this training will help improve my public speaking skills?

Know the art of narration & becoming a gripping storyteller

Learn the skill of voice modulation & tonality

Command any room with a confident body language

No, we don’t charge thousands of dollars for our coaching. Book a call with us to know pricing

Is the “Frantically” Public Speaking Coaching for you?

If you’re looking for a no BS path to get you speaking results in 4 weeks, you’re in the right place.

We have trained:

Just remember, public speaking training is not just for speaking to a room full of people. It helps in EVERY aspect of your life such as:

Get inspired by our customers

I found out about Frantically Speaking from an online ad on Instagram. It spoke about how our ability to communicate is not just limited to the art of public speaking, but it touches every aspect of our lives. That struck a chord, and I reached out to them. I am glad I went ahead, and now, I highly recommend them to anyone looking to improve their communication skills. Their tailor-made instructor led course has been very effective in what I initially set out to achieve from my training. Their flexibility in setting up the weekly classes also deserves a special mention, because as a busy mum of two young children, my days are not the same. The tools and techniques offered have exceeded my expectations and I am excited to be using them in my day to day life and seeing the difference it’s making in my relationships, in my personal and professional life. Frantically Speaking gets a thumbs up from me. And a heartfelt thank you.
Ashwini K
Mother of 2 & Business Professional
My biggest pain point was that I couldn’t really speak to a group of more than 8-10 people. Small groups are fine but speaking in public just seemed dreadful. But I think my biggest takeaway from the coaching was learning how to manage my fear of going on the stage. That’s really what made all the difference. Once I learned how to deal with nervous feeling and stomach turns I used to get before going on the stage, that’s when I really started to communicate with more poise and intention.
Beatrice Palmitessa
Law Student
Just took a look at my before and after videos, big improvements. I just wanted to say thank you for everything! You exceeded all my expectations. I think I will join a local toastmasters club and practice on trying to have effective and motivational conversations with people as I think that will be very helpful in my new jobs. I just wanted to say thanks for all!
Joseph Bourdon
Area Manager at Amazon

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Read the advice we gave them for success

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