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Whether you have a big speech or an important interview, learn the nuances of effective communication & speak in a manner that influences your audience!

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Benefits of joining the 1:1 coaching program

Dramatically reduce stage fear

If you feel you have Glossophobia, it may seem unrealistic to not fear the public stage. But the more you practice and the more you are guided, there will be a dramatic reduction of public speaking fear and better coping mechanisms to deal with high-pressure situations.

Identify and enhance communication strengths

Even if you have less stage experience, there are certain communication strengths we all possess. The idea is to understand what they are and how you can naturally use them to your advantage while public speaking.

Learning how to persuade & entertain audiences

Regardless of who you're speaking or presenting to, you're probably trying to sell them on an idea in some form or another. Understanding the nuances of being a persuasive speaker while being able to entertain an audience is an invaluable skill you will harness through this coaching.

Personalized curriculum

Since the coach will first understand your problem through the free consultation, the curriculum designed will be tailored just for you, keeping your strengths, weaknesses and goals in mind.

Singular attention

The best thing about 1-2-1 coaching is the power of singular attention. It's just you and the coach. This allows personalized goals to be set, optimized and achieved in a much more effective manner as compared to group training.

Flexible structure

Our coaching happens on an hourly rate. If you feel like you need more hours to reach your goals, need some extra guidance or if you want to cut short the practice, we're quite flexible! Extend or stop based on the coaching package designed for you.

What others have to say about our 1:1 coaching:

Whether you're a student, working professional or an entrepreneur, this coaching will IMMENSELY benefit you.

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The free consultation call will allow us to understand your challenges and tailor make a coaching package for your needs. Depending on your requirement, we will recommend a certain number of sessions (between 3-12 sessions) and send you a customised price quote. The pricing can range from $ 500/- to $ 800/- for the entire program. Book a free consultation to get an exact quote for you!

It's a 1-to-1 coaching program. It will just be you and the coach. This allows the program to be hyper-personalised and massively increases the results. 

A lot of our clients require coaching for that one big speech or presentation that they have to ace. Depending on the time you have, our coach will work with you to draft your speech, coach you through your practice sessions and prep you to deliver the best version of your speech with radical authenticity.

We have collaborated with a host of communication coaches who are highly experienced in this field. If the coach you consult with does not fit your vibe, you can inform us and we will match you with another coach that fits your learning style. Get on free consultation to find out more about your personal communication coach!

Communications is a wide subject. Everyone needs it no matter what field they are in. But if we were to break it down a little further, this coaching would be for people who

  1. Have an important speech or presentation coming up and want help preparing for it
  2. Who are in it for the long term and are looking to build their overall soft skills so they can communicate effectively in all situations.
  3. If you are about to graduate or are looking for a job and want to substantially increase your chance of acing that interview and landing your dream job
  4. To improve your overall personality and conversation skills

If you’re unsure whether or not we can fulfil your requirement, get in touch with us and ask! We will reply straight away!

Payment for the coaching must be made in full and in advance. Refund in full will be provided within 5 days of payment, if requested. After the first 5 days, no refund will be provided for the remainder of the program. Read terms and conditions.