41 Smart Prompts for ChatGPT to Help for Your Interview

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ChatGPT is a very useful tool to prepare for an interview. It can answer all your questions, give feedback, and even conduct mock interviews with you. The article discusses prompts for Interviews that can help you get the best results out of it.

We’ll first consider two basic questions- what is ChatGPT and how to use it? Then we will consider whether it is okay to use it for an interview and in what ways you can do so. Then we’ll dive into our main topic- ChatGPT prompts that you can use for your Interview. Lastly, we will end with related questions that you might have while we’re on this topic.

What is Chatgpt?

It is a chatbot based on artificial intelligence that allows conversation, answers to questions, and other functions in a human-like way, enhanced by its extremely large knowledge structures and learning capabilities. The tool is, in essence, a program that can help get many things done efficiently and that learns and grows over time to enhance its abilities.

It is commonly used to answer various questions that users would previously have to look up through a search engine and go through multiple sites to get an answer.

How to chat with ChatGPT?

Go to this webpage. If it’s the first time, you’ll need to sign up. After that, you’ll be able to access a chat window. 

Is it okay to use ChatGPT for an interview?

Opinion regarding the appropriateness as well as the usefulness of AI is mixed. However, it can definitely be a valuable tool in the preparation stage because it can help answer most of your questions and act as a great reference point. 

From another point of view, using ChatGPT during an interview might not be ethical since the answers are not your own. It might also defeat the purpose because if poorly implemented, especially with video on, it can be easily found out that you’re reading off something, resulting in disqualification. 

How can I use Chatgpt to prepare for an interview?

You can use ChatGPT in various ways to prepare for an interview- in this section, we will cover what these are. The next section on prompts will help you get the results.

1. Practicing

You can have a mock chat with it and get it to provide feedback on each of your answers. This is the best thing it could do because depending on the prompt, you can have it do most of the rest (i.e., feedback and rewriting) through this mock session itself.

2. Know about possible interview questions

It can help generate the common interview questions- be it technical or behavioral. This will give you a rough idea of what you can expect in the actual interview.

3. Know about alternate ways to answer interview questions

You can also refine your interview answers by having it rewrite it. You can ask it to generate different answers to the same question based on certain points you want it to keep in mind.

4. Modifications to cover letter and resume

It can give you suggestions and rewrite these for you. It can even create a template that you can start off with.

5. Following Up

It doesn’t hurt to send a thank you note to the interviewers post your interview. ChatGPT can help you customize one according to your liking.

6. Get tips and answers to other queries

You can get tips about what to wear, how to deal with anxiety, or any question at all that you might have about the interview process. This also includes what you’d want to avoid in an interview and how your body language should be. It compares information through various sources to understand what the norm is and provides you with tips accordingly.

Prompts to help with your interview

Prompting ChatGPT is pretty straightforward- the more details you’ll provide of what you expect it to perform, the better it will do. When it doesn’t work as intended, simply clarify and correct it. You can also regenerate a response until you’re satisfied with it.

These have been individually tested out with GPT-3.5 (the default version provided for free as of writing this article).


Below are 42 prompts that can help you land a fabulous interview:

  1. Could you pretend to be an interviewer and ask me questions for a [role name] role involved in [role description]? Every time I answer, please rate my response and provide suggestions for where I could improve.
  2. Could you help me understand different ways I can answer the interview question “[any interview question]”?
    • You could ask it any question at all that an interviewer might ask you, and get different perspectives of what is expected and can be included in this answer. Use this article as a reference to know about common interview questions.
  3. Write a response to the interview question “[any interview question]”
  4. What are the typical interview questions asked in the industry of [industry name]?
  5. What are some things I should keep in mind during my in-person interview?
  6. What are some things I should keep in mind during my virtual interview?
  7. What should my body language look like during an interview?
  8. For a [male/female], can you recommend what I can wear to my interview?
  9. Here is my cover letter, could you help me improve it? [Paste cover letter in the next line]
    • Related: need help with a cover letter? Check out this article.
  10. I am a [recent graduate/current job status] and experienced in [details of what you have done]. Could you write a cover letter for me to [company name] which is involved in [company description]?
  11. Here is my resume, could you help me improve it? [Paste resume in the next line]
  12. Write a resume for [role name].
    • Add a description for your education, skills, etc in the prompt itself or modify the version given by ChatGPT.
  13. What are some technical interview questions that I could be asked in the field of [field name]?
  14. What are some behavioral interview questions that I could be asked in the field of [field name]?
  15. Here is the answer I have prepared for the interview question [put the question here within quotes], could you help me improve it? [Paste the answer in the next line]
  16. Can you write a follow-up email to the interviewer post-interview?
    • Note that ChatGPT tends to write very lengthy responses for these, you can provide a word limit in the prompt if you’d like.
  17. Here is my follow-up note. I want it to look sincere. Could you provide feedback on what I could do better? [post the follow-up you have written in the next line]
  18. How can I ask my interviewer about [concern] if I want to know about it at the end of the interview?
  19. What should I bring to my interview?
  20. How do I deal with anxiety for my interview?
    • Getting nervous before an interview? Check out this article.
  21. How do I deal with stuttering during my interview?
  22. What can I do if I don’t hear the interviewer speak their question?
  23. How can I make a strong impression on my interviewer?
  24. How can I stand out in an interview?
  25. Can I be honest with the interviewer?
  26. How to negotiate my salary with the interviewer?
  27. How to properly research a company pre-interview?
  28. What do I need to know about [company name] before my interview for [job role] at this company?
  29. What are some tools I can use to create my resume? Provide a ranking in a list of five
  30. How to maintain eye contact with the interviewer?
  31. Is it okay to disagree with my interviewer?
  32. How long can an interview take?
  33. What is typically expected of a [job role you applied for]?
  34. How to look confident in an interview?
  35. I have a background in [background description], how can I best portray these skills to my interviewer for [job role you applied for]?
  36. Could you give me situation-based questions I could be asked for [job role] at [company name]?
  37. How to deal with flaws during an interview?
  38. What are some recent achievements of [company name]?
    • Since the free version of ChatGPT does not have access to current data, you can use alternatives like Bing Chat.
  39. How can I answer a question concerning a gap in my [employment/educational] history?
  40. What weaknesses can I talk about during an interview?
  41. What are the technical skills required in [job role]?
  42. How can I make up for my lack of experience during an interview?

Now, we will cover some related questions that you might have about this topic.

Can I use Chatgpt to answer interview questions?

As mentioned earlier, it is okay to get inspiration from ChatGPT but be sure to share your personal and authentic answers. Do not use ChatGPT to answer interview questions during the interview.

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Can interviewers use ChatGPT?

ChatGPT can be a useful tool for interviewers as well, so there is no harm in using it to streamline the process.

How can ChatGPT be helpful to interviewers?

Just like it did for the interviewee, it can help find questions that are right to ask considering the role they have applied for or analyze the resume and cover letter of the candidates. It can also automate some of this process by screening candidates for specific qualifications and skills before moving them to an interview (this will require some modified program based on ChatGPT).


The article covered ChatGPT prompts for Interviews and some related concerns. Hope this helps you land a fabulous interview.

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