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Person presenting to an audience

How to start a speech for students (Ultimate opening lines)

Schools and their love for speeches is an affair we are all quite aware of. Now if you are looking to move beyond the mundane way of delivering speeches in school and are in search of some amazing speech openings for students, you are at the right place! Speeches are the most common form of

Man presenting to a crowd

Wondering why PowerPoint presentations are called decks? (Now you know)

Why PowerPoint presentations are called decks, a question that lingered in my mind for a long time until I decided to jump on to finding out exactly why! And here I am to share all that I have learned about why PowerPoint presentations are called decks. But before we dive deeper into understanding PowerPoint decks,

Woman giving a speech

Powerful 2 Minute Speech Topics: A-Z Guide (With 200+ Examples)

It is often believed that giving a 2-Minute Speech is the most challenging form of public speaking because of the time constraint. But here I am to tell you that there is something even more challenging than giving a 2-minute speech. And that is finding a powerful 2-minute speech topic! 2-minute speeches are short, crisp

Presentation in a meeting

How many slides are too many for a presentation?

So, you are preparing a presentation for your next conference or event and can’t figure out how many slides are too many slides for a presentation? Then you are at the right place! According to the general rule of thumb, people prefer to use 1-2 slides per minute. This can help you figure out a

A man giving an Encore Presentation

What Is an Encore Presentation?

Imagine you are at a concert; you are having your best time when the crowd realizes that the show is about to end. In unison, you scream “once more!” which compels the artist to perform a piece again. Now when a similar thing happens with a presenter when they have to present again, it is

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