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Speaker having complete attention of their audience

5 Powerful (Yet Easy) Ways To Own The Room!

How do you own a room? Not by buying it of course! Engaging the audience and holding their attention through every twist and turn of your speech may be difficult but not impossible. Audience engagement and “owning the room” is a way we take our speech to the next level by making sure the audience

a solo microphone against a blurred backdrop

9 Deadly Practical Techniques to Calm Your Fear of Public Speaking

Calm down, take a deep breath. Be confident. It’s not the end of the world. We have all heard one of these statements before stepping on a stage. They’re all well-intended, but honestly, they don’t do anything to help calm your fear. And we all know the fact that no one in the history of

People around a camp fire captivated by a story

Public Speech into Story: 3 Steps to telling a Captivating Story

Public Speaking has various forms and this is fairly common knowledge. It branches out into various types and Storytelling has always remained a prominent one among those. This is mainly because of its captivating nature when done right (we’re here to help you with that!), it creates a connection with the audience which, so far,

a key with a socket in the wall

Top 10 Secret Traits of Effective Public Speakers (& How You Can Apply Them)

You did it all. You structured your speech, practiced it in front of the mirror, learned your points well, and wore your best outfit but still, were not satisfied with how you presented.  Your speech was well-received but you don’t know if it made an impact. You tried a killer opener, tried being confident, engaging

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