5 Practical Tips to Improve your Confidence

Confidence, an intangible asset

Confidence is an intangible asset in our life, which helps in representing our knowledge, and us in trying out new things, and of course, we all know the importance of it. But how do we improve our confidence to take the leap and grow in our lives?

I have compiled 5 practical tips for improving confidence, which have helped me throughout my career to build my confidence. I really believe these can help you out as well. So, here are 5 tips for improving your confidence:

1. Knowledge and Insights:

Consider a scenario where a friend of yours comes to you and asks you about a review of your favorite movie, or your favorite book. Will you be excited to share a detailed review about it? Most of us will say yes.

The reason is that we have consumed that content so well that we would love to give it a review. Similarly, when you are going to talk about any topic you are going to speak about, or anything you try to make sure that you have a data piece of detailed knowledge.

Make sure to consume maximum content related to that topic and I am pretty sure you won’t only be confident but you will be excited to share the knowledge as well.

2. Consume good content:

It is said that, “You become what you see” and Your traits come from the people around you”. So, if you want to be ready every time at every place, then you have to consume good content on the Internet or anywhere.

The good content can be a good self-improvement podcast, a YouTube channel, a book or anything you like to do. And when you consume good content, you automatically try to imitate the people you are watching, you try to become like them in your own way, and slowly but surely you are improving without you even knowing about it.

3. Identify the things you are not good at:

Let me share a short story of my life here, one of my mentors came to me one day and asked that “Aaditya, you are going good, you are at 85% mark, but I would like you to go at 90%, what are your plans to go at 90%”

Honestly, at that point of time, I didn’t know the answer, but I had to give some answer, so I said, “Yes, I will be working hard to reach there.” To which he replied,

“Come on, you have already worked hard for the 85%, all you have to do now is to focus on the things on which you are not good at, first identify them, and then try to improve on those things, it is that simple”

Aaditya’s Mentor

And this answer really had a great impact on my life. Even when I am podcasting, I always ask the guest of every episode, what do you think you can tell me on the things I can improve on? And fortunately, some of them have given me good feedback and I try to improve on those things each day.

So, make sure to ask your friends, family and many more to let you know about the things you are not good at and make sure to work on those things.

4. Trial and Error:

Just imagine if you had never had the curiosity as a child to take your first baby steps, or you were never curious about riding a bicycle, would you have learned to walk or ride a bicycle? The answer is No. If you are not going to try, you are failing in the first place, so give a try at new things and see where it gets you.

In the IT industry where I work, it is said that if you have no errors, you are not learning anything, but if you are making errors you are learning. It is fine to make errors or to fail when you try a new thing. But because of the fear of error you 

are not trying, then that would be your first and last error of yours.

So, whenever you try to do a new thing, and you makeo9 an error, don’t back off, embrace the error, learn from it, rectify it and move on to the next error.

5. Have a good Mentor:

This one is the most important one because if you get this tip, all the above tips will be covered automatically. A mentor will give you knowledge, he will see through the things which you are not good at, he will guide you to the good content, he will motivate you to try new things and, in the end, he will be there to help you out with the errors which you have in your plate.

So yeah, these are the 5 tips that have helped me to improve my confidence throughout my career, and I am pretty sure that they can help you out as well. But do understand, it does not act like a pill that you take and you have overnight success.

It will take time to improve but if you follow these things religiously, I bet your confidence will be improving without you even knowing about it. Do let me know if you find it useful.

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Happy Learning to you all!

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