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Introducing the free public speaking & communications masterclass to deliver speaking results in just 4 weeks!
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Hrideep Barot: Founder of Frantically Speaking 10 Years+ in the communications world. Presented to companies like

Trained 7000+ from companies & universities like:

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    Who is the training for?

    What will be taught in the Masterclass?

    Why is public speaking so important for professional success

    What we can learn from Steve Jobs, Tony Robbins & other great speakers about communication

    3 Public Speaking Mistakes (That no one speaks about!)

    Why do we make these mistakes and how do they hold us back from unending opportunities

    How to avoid these mistakes so we can speak with impact

    Unlikely ways to manage stage fright

    How to leverage non-verbal communication and vocal tonality to influence your audience

    Impromptu speaking frameworks & exercises

    Why Frantically Speaking?

    Currently, our free content gets over 100k+ readers per month. You get access to the most exclusive of this content. Along with that, get:

    Practical knowledge of critical public speaking elements

    Have a live and intimate audience to practice speaking

    Instant feedback from vetted coaches for immediate results

    Free bonuses for post-masterclass attendance

    How does enrollment for the Masterclass work?

    We will send you an email or call you to confirm your presence at the workshop

    Once you confirm, we will share the Zoom link for the Masterclass

    What our past students have to say:


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    This Masterclass is 100% free.

    No, we do not record these trainings. Since it’s a live workshop, it’s expected that each participant will attend the workshop live.

    Hrideep Barot, founder of Frantically Speaking. More details of the coach are given above.

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